Know about How to Become a Marketing Consultant

According to many marketers, the only way to achieve success is by climbing the corporate ladder as a full-time employee. They don’t realize they have another option of becoming a self-employed Marketing Consultant. 

As we are aware, the market for independent consultants is growing massively. It is a fact that some companies are doubtful to invest in large and expensive companies or advertising firms. They can instead invest in an individual expert (Marketing Consultant) who can guide their internal team.

What does a Marketing Consultant do?

A consultant is an expert in a particular field, as he/she provides individuals or businesses with professional advice in his/her area of expertise. Whereas, a Marketing Consultant is an individual who creates and implements marketing strategies for a business. They evaluate the current market, make suggestions, train other marketers, and recommend content for social media and other platforms. They also create strategies to reach new customers.

Basic Requirements for a qualified Marketing Consultant

  • Must be a graduate in marketing, business, communication or MBA in Marketing 
  • A portfolio which symbolizes the achievement of marketing success
  • Experience as a corporate marketer
  • Expertise in a specific niche
  • Strong communication skills
  • Must know about – social media platforms, content, SEO, lead generation, PPC, etc
  • Should know strategy vs. tactic

 How we can become a marketing consultant

1. Embrace a niche

If you are a beginner with a minimal amount of experience, start exploring your skill, talent, and interest. The more specific you are, the more you can market yourself. You need to answer three questions to yourself.

  • What skills do you have? Introspect about things at which you are good at that could translate into freelance marketing. 
  • Example: Are you very handy with analytics and trends? SEO management might be the right domain for you.
  • What do others say you do well? Sometimes other people’s opinions about what you’re good at can give you insights into your talents. 
  • Example: Your classmates are always telling you how much they love your stories. Maybe copywriting can be your career choice. 
  • How do you spend your leisure time? This can reveal what your passion is, and how it could benefit you.
  • Examples: If you handle an Instagram page, create your memes, and post on the internet?

2. Enroll yourself in Marketing courses or Get a degree in it. 

Many sites and schools offer degrees or courses related to marketing, which would be ideal for you. If you are sure that you want to be a marketing consultant, look for courses that will offer information about advertising, branding, and reaching a specific demographic, etc. Try to discuss your goals with a mentor. It will help you to work towards your goal.  

3. Build a strong portfolio

Prepare a strong portfolio which must include SWOT analysis – Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat. People nowadays look for professionalism. It also helps you to look for job opportunities. Add your consulting expertise and how it favors the business.

4. Build a strong network 

You need to work on continuous expansion. For this, start meeting new people. This could be possible by attending events, startup meetings, webinars, etc. Most of the time, referrals work. You can join groups on social media, or you can even start a blog for your favorable audience. Talk to everyone who is a good fit for you.

5. Start simple 

Start hunting for small businesses or clients who are more willing to work with a beginner freelance marketer. Work as a freelancer. You can start by applying on sites like Upwork. Start using this for various projects such as copywriting or as a content marketer, etc. 

6. Set your rates 

Beginner freelance marketers tend to get confused when it comes to their standards. This is a time when you need to charge less than you’re worth because you haven’t proven your results yet.

Even if you need to work for free, feel okay with it. 

Some good examples if you work for free:

  • You’re aiming at building a portfolio of work that you can show to future paying clients
  • You want to create a network and connect with businesses you admire
  • The person with whom you are working is well-connected and experienced. 

Hence, these were some excellent points which will help you to start your career as a Marketing Consultant. Once you gain some experience as a freelancer, you can explore your niche and work on your skills to work on a large scale.