How we can Move Prospects through Customer Value Journey

Move Prospects through Customer Value Journey

A customer journey is an exciting phase from a brand’s perspective, and the customer’s perspective also. It will be a win to win situation for brands and customers. There are several steps involved in making prospects through a customer value journey.

The following are the various steps from prospect to customer. 

1. Make the prospect aware

Promote your brand and tell them about it. Let them know that you have entered the market. Create a buzz about you through social media, word of mouth, event creation, or any other means. This is a very crucial step for a business. It will help you establish yourself. 

2. Engage with people

Try to build an engagement with the prospects via posts, communications, building communities, etc. It will help you in connecting with them, and then they should feel your message. 

3. Ask people to subscribe

Seek the prospects to let them subscribe to you. It will keep them updated about your next step. Moreover, you’ll be able to foresee the percentage of connections you’re building via doing user engagement activities.

4. Make people your customer

Do not think of making profits initially. This can happen later. Provide them something that adds value to their routines and customers to your business. Show them things like high value and lower risk. It will help your business get its first phase customers.

5. Excite people with your brand

After getting the first base of customers, do not just sit back and let them approach you. Keep adding new things to your business that will make them excited about you always. One can even run contests to engage the customers.

6. Make customer a multi-buyer 

Do not just stop after a one-time purchase. Give offers like add-ons; make your cart look useful to them, etc. It will trigger them to buy again & again. Your brand will boost after this doing this.

7. Ask customers to spread the brand

Ask your customers to share their experiences with others. It can be vocal, through testimonials, writing reviews, etc. It will help you in capturing the market quickly. The customer will also feel honest about their journey with you. This is the right time for you to ask them about the experiences with your business. 

8. Make customers promote you

Whether the service is free of cost or paid, ask your customers to spread a word about you. It will help you in making a new clientele for your business as they trust your brand firmly. This will be a win-win situation for both of you.


The journey can be exciting & quick, but it all depends on how you carry out the procedure. With the mindset of adaptability and frequent communications, companies will have an enjoyable journey throughout. The customer journey can be more or less dependent upon the potential of your business, thus follow the steps wisely. These are some of the best steps involved in making prospects through a customer value journey.