10 Legit Ways to Make More Money Online in Less Time

Ways to make more money online in less time

In this amorphous zone of the internet, many people are often perplexed about how they can effectively use the powerful technology that is currently accessible on the internet. Today, it is not easy to make money online. With so much competition, it has become an ever-increasing challenge to shift through and find credible sources to produce some decent amount of income through the web. However, there are some easy ways to make money online, for the short and long-term. These ways are discussed below:

1. Write and Sell Ebooks with an Audible feature

If you are inclined towards writing, consider writing an eBook. When it comes to technical subjects, people turn to audio and visuals. You should try doing an eBook first,then make it an audiobook via a network.

2. Build an App

This option is more advanced. Unless you have the proper and good app-development skills, doing so would be a tough task. Yet, when made in the right way, apps are a fantastic source of passive income.

3. Start Blogging

Creating a blog is one of the most exhaustive activities when making money online. However, we all know it is difficult to create a blog with the genuine readership. This calls for a lot of effort.

4. Photography

You can face intense competition when you try to sell images online, but this is also a perfect way to generate passive revenue. It does not take too much time, but innovation and patience are required to succeed in it.

5. Sell Products Online

If you are interested in making hand-made products and you are inclined to make products and goods that people need, sell them over a massive online portal.

6. Create a Web Store

You can also create an online shop. With this, a company sells its services with the opportunity to start selling online. You could certainly get a decent transactional website up and running in minutes or hours.

7. Create videos on YouTube

Create video tutorials of your interest. This is certainly a long-term strategy, and by doing so, you will not get rich overnight, but making entertaining and well-thought-out video tutorials and uploading them on sites like YouTube might make you a substantial amount of long-term passive income depending on how these videos are liked by viewers.

8. Post Articles 

You can find jobs for writing articles for other people, depending on their ability.

9. Create Educational Courses

You can teach various technologies, including web creation, optimization of a search engine, graphic design, and several others which can provide long-term income.

10. Educate Others as a Virtual Tutor

You can become a virtual mentor and participate in one-on-one tutoring sessions. You can also host webinars and live classes.


It is very easy to earn money, and all you need to have is a skill set. This brings us to the end of our discussion on the 10 ways to make more money online in less time. You can make more money in less time in various ways, including teaching, writing, photography, etc.