Tips to Build The Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

Do you know that social media is the best way to show your business to the world? A study has proven that people are more prone to buy a product if they hear a good thing about it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On all these platforms, you can create multiple contents through videos, DIYs webinars, and guides to show the value of your business to strangers. To convert these strangers into your customers, you must know how to build a social media marketing funnel for your brand. A social media funnel is a path in which a stranger first becomes your customer and, finally, your brand advocate.

Tips to Build the Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

Here are five phases which must be a part of your social media marketing funnel:

1. Awareness

In the first phase, it is vital to make people aware of your existence. Make your potential customers believe that you are aiming to solve their problem with which they are dealing. You can create awareness through content such as blogs, video marketing, webinars, and guides. Also, for blog marketing, create SEO rich content to attract people organically. You can also be aware of the specific audience or interest group through paid advertisements.

2. Interest

When a potential customer continues to take an interest in your brand, they begin to look for more detailed information about your brand. They start researching on how your product or services are better than your competitors. If you fail to provide accurate information about your brand, it may get difficult for you to make him a part of the next step of your marketing funnel. Your customer will get detailed information about your brand through testimonial campaigns, product tutorials, how to use, in-depth product reviews with images on your social media business page. Here are a few ideas to make people consider your brand:

  • Publish a similar kind of post or message throughout all your social media platforms. If you use Twitter as a marketing platform, make sure you are posting the same message 3-5 times a week.
  • Publicize simple visual posts with some offers and discounts on a different platform.
  • Use various platforms to interlink your website.

3. Action

Every social media marketer knows how essential it is to have a landing page. If you have made your customer come to this stage, offer exciting purchase incentives like discounts or free shipping to the new user. A survey has shown that 67% of customers engage in your business because of exclusive discounts or offers. This phase can build 80% of your sales if you know how to approach customers smartly.

4. Engagement

This phase lies at the second to last stage of the sales funnel, which works for validating your leads. If a customer has reached this stage, it is more likely that now your customer will remember your brand and buy from it. At this stage, generally, brands forget about the customers once they have made a purchase. However, at this point it is crucial to make your customer feel like they are still a part of your tribe. For this, you can use hashtag campaigns to encourage continued brand loyalty.

5. Advocacy

The customers who are fans of your brand are all set to convert into your brand advocates. Also, reward your customers for spreading your brand with their friends. You can also work with your existing customers to create more content for your brand marketing. Your brand advocates can help you to pitch more new users.


A social media marketing funnel helps to build the trust of your potential customers into your brand. It must also include your expectations, offerings, and loyalty, which will help to grow your brand. Generally, some marketers do not invest in all of the marketing funnel steps, but a brand marketer should equally prioritize the funnel steps.