Stats for Social Media Marketers In Software Industry

Social media is the biggest platform for interaction and promotion. It allows you to reach out to many people at once. Today millions of people are actively present on social media. With their presence, it becomes essential for you as a business to be actively present, too. Your active participation in social media will help you with your business. In this article, we are discussing the stats for social media marketers in the software industry.

Social media platforms are not only used for promotions and feedbacks. But, also used for engagement and bringing new sales leads. It helps your brand reach out to new people and bring new business to you. With change and advancements in technology, trends change too. Hence, staying updated has become a compulsion. Being on social media is not easy. You must not just be there. You must be seen, followed, and shared. To make this happen, you must have strong marketing strategies. Strong marketing strategies reduce half the burden. The next half is good, relatable, and engaging content. Marketing strategies usually include SEO and keywords. But, social media marketing is much more than that. It has various fields. This blog will help you understand the social media marketing trend.

Stats for Social Media Marketers in Software Industry

Content Marketing

One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is content marketing. If your content is good, you are seen on social media. Be it blogging, videos, podcasts, or posts, they all must follow the latest trend. Your message through these must be loud and clear. On the other hand, they must be short and to the point. According to HubSpot, blogs are the most used media among the other forms. While videos are the future since they have increased sales.


YouTube is the future since videos are taking over things. With the extreme use of technology, our attention span for text has reduced. We look forward to videos more than texts. Also, visuals have a better recall value than words. Marketers have said that content in the form of videos has increased their sales by approximately 80%. This means that short videos will drive maximum or almost all the traffic. Henceforth, make sure you include videos on your social networking sites. You can also create a channel on YouTube.

Be Unique

Uniqueness is always appreciated. There is so much competition, not only in real life but also on social media. It has become essential for businesses to be unique and creative. Create something from the already existing, and start a new trend. Customers love buying innovative, unique, and creative things. Apart from products, be unique with your strategies.

Add a Personal Touch

Customers love when they are given attention. They like it when they get an immediate response, answers, and services. People want to communicate directly. Be available to them. Guide them when they need your help. This can turn out to be beneficial for your business. The customer service strategy will ensure the loyalty of your customers, too. On any social media platform, make sure you revert to as many people as possible. Have a conversation with them until they are satisfied.


Being a social media marketer may not be easy. But if everything becomes easy then the fun will be lost. If you have a business on social media, you must also be aware of your competitor’s strategies. Ensure your marketing strategies for social media are as strong as your business. Good marketing ensures loyal customers, and loyal customers ensure good business.