Top AdWords Extensions used While Running the Campaigns


AdWords extensions work in the way of giving opportunity to add more information to the ad apart from the URLs, headings, tag, etc. The following extra information will increase the chances of being clicked. Moreover, in this way you will be able to increase your conversion rate and decrease CPC.

The extensions can be added easily to the AdWords ads

  • Login to the AdWords account.
  • Tap on ‘Add Extension”.
  • Select the extensions that you want to add in your ad.

Top AdWords Extensions used while Running Campaigns

The right analytics and appropriate content can increase conversions by adding extensions. These extensions are made to make your ad unique from other running ads. Various AdWords extensions are available. We will discuss the top extensions that one should use while running the campaigns.

Sitelinks extension

Sitelinks extension is the additional link to your website that can be added below the ad. It will provide another link to your website, which in turn may increase the clicks on the link. Set it up accordingly, and it will display more information apart from the primary link. Do some research and see the most appropriate content that can go with the new link.

Location extension

For a better and informative call, this extension allows the address and the phone number to be visible with the ad. It also enables a map to reach the business. It makes the ad different from the other ads. Hence, it can improve the clicks & is cost effective.

Call extension

When someone wants to reach you, the phone number is the first thing they use. Google allows you to add your phone number to the ad. This is the work of the call extension. It may support in getting you more clicks & conversions. This extension is not for every business, like the ones who are SaaS companies. However, chances are it can increase your reach if your business is inclined towards phone calls.

Review ad extensions

If your company has honest reviews from a reputed website, then Google allows you to add those through review ad extensions. The reviews from the third party are permitted to be used while maintaining authenticity. Google verifies reviews based on specific rules. There is a guide to use the review extension. One can read and learn from it.

Callout extension

This is a fantastic extension with an option to add more text to the ad. Callout extensions allow you to precisely describe your brand or its features like offering free delivery, 100% cotton; ISO certified, etc. These extensions will help your ad in coming in the limelight quickly. In turn, it will help you increase the conversion rate as well.


Apart from the above-mentioned top extensions by AdWords, there are few more extensions. Each extension has its quality that can make the ad unique from the rest. Thus, make the best use of these extensions and increase the conversion rates. These extensions can be the best drivers for your successful PPC campaigns. It can be an excellent opportunity to maximize the outputs with little time and effort.