The 10 Most Effective and Best Email Marketing Hacks

The process of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email is known as email marketing. It enables you to categorize your customers into different sections. Also, it is an excellent channel to drive engagement. Here, we are discussing the 10 best email marketing hacks.

Best Email Marketing Hacks:

1. Collect email address everywhere, even on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform to collect email addresses.  You just have to create a ‘Lead Generation Card’. And then you can start collecting email addresses for free. You can also ask people to subscribe to your list by using pop-up forms and interstitial ads.

2. Send someone else’s content

One of the most effective marketing hacks is by sending your subscribers someone else’s content. It will provide them great content. It shows that you genuinely care for them and it also helps in building a great connection with other sites.

3. Send the best email receipts

You can turn transactional emails into a potent marketing tool. Send your subscribers the best receipts. Also, you can make it elegant and useful. You can also include referral codes and encourage your customers to share their experiences. You can display similar products or services.

4. Use email retargeting

You can use your data to increase your market value. Retargeting is a very nice option for this. You can show your subscribers ads based on what they click. Also, you can track the users who logged-in into your website, monitor their activity, and then trigger emails based on that.

5. Use buttons

Email marketers can make a lot of profit from the use of buttons. Currently, it’s function is much more than just landing pages. Your pin should have a 3D effect, a contrasting color, and whitespace around it. It should also have an arrow pointing to it with an instructional copy.

6. Automate personal messages

Personal messages are very useful in entertaining new customers. Also, you can make them very useful. Once you make sure that they come from a real person, allow people to reply to them. Read and respond to their messages. And at last, trigger them based on behavior.

7.  Ask people to reply

Asking people to reply to your mail can build a connection with them. You can efficiently respond to people using HelpScout, where the right person can be appointed to deal with it. Also, it will give you valuable feedback about your product or service.

8. Unsubscribe your passive customers

Unsubscribing your inactive customers will increase the overall value of your active customer list. It will reduce your risk of ending up in the spam folder. It’s hard to remove your hard-earned customers, but it’s better to remove those who are not active now.

9. Make everything dynamic

You can make your emails more vibrant by including multiple elements. You can track your subscribers and include images, links and offers accordingly. Therefore, customize different menu items depending on their actions.

10. Don’t quit

It takes a lot of time to gain the trust of your subscribers and find people who are willing to buy your products again and again. The main reason people fail at the content and email marketing is that they quit too soon.


The hacks mentioned above will help you with email marketing. However, the road to success is quite tough, but consistency and perseverance can take you there.