What is Remarketing and Top 4 Strategies for Remarketing


Re-marketing is the strategy of keeping the memory of a user that made action on your page. With the help of cookies, you get a list of users that visited your page. Re-marketing provides you the list and then asks you to send personalized ads. Now, how does this work? Re-marketing works in a pretty simple manner. All you need is a good javascript.

  • Analyze your Google AdWords account: insert this HTML piece into the javascript of all your pages and see the magic.
  • Make re-marketing lists: you can make a list of the visitors from your entire website and use it to track their activities.
  • Take your campaign on the floor: create and optimize your campaign. Make changes and then take it on the floor.
  • Create a variety of campaigns: offer a variety of campaigns to your visitors and then stick to the most loved and easiest one.

Working of Re-marketing

Now that you know the working of remarketing, let us understand how to improve these campaigns.

  • Create different lists.
  • Create a separate list for users who have already converted into customers.
  • Monitor the speed with which your ads are shown.
  • Try, analyze, and repeat your experiments.

The Top 4 Remarketing Strategies

Now that you know the basics of campaigns, let us focus on the top 4 strategies.

Use Google Search to Launch Your Re-marketing Campaigns

Google Ads allows you to make personalized ads for users who have visited the site once. To do this, you have to make a list. Install the Google re-marketing tags on the main or targeted page from where you want your data. Once you are done with the setup, upload the existing keywords. Show different ads to specific users. Finally, target the users on the list with the help of keywords.

Retarget URL sites

This will help you reach an even more specific audience. Target the most used web pages. Target them based on the commonly viewed product. Refine your targeting and ad frequency. Often the audience needs a small push to convert into buyers from users. If they have viewed a product multiple times, it means they are almost ready to make a purchase. Hence, re-targeting the perfect URL sites will be effective to turn the visitors.

Improve Your Marketing Objectives

Check the pages you are targeting to improve your marketing objectives. These web pages are the place where you will be setting up your ad campaign. Your tags will determine the increase in your sales. These tags will also ensure that your bounced visitors become your warm audience. Hence, always check the web pages you are targeting.

Bribe Your Visitors to Turn into Your Audience

You can make it happen by providing visitors with offers and coupons. If your visitor has checked a product multiple times, it means they are interested in buying it. But, they are only a click away. Now your offers, discounts, and coupons will decide whether or not this click will happen. Mostly, people end up clicking due to the offers.