Know about How to Monetize Money from your Website

Do you have a website? Are you looking for more options to earn a few more dollars or maybe more money from your host charges? In this article, we will let you know how to monetize from a website.

How to Monetize Money from Your Website

Pay per Click advertising with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best way to gain passive income from the visitors or the leads of your site. PPC, that is Pay per Click, is an advertising model that helps others to advertise on your site. You will earn for every click the visitors do on an advertisement banner.

Selling Ad Space

If you do not want to go for Google AdSense, you can direct hit to the advertiser. Giving space to the advertiser provides you the benefit of negotiating the price for space. You can use one of two methods: pay per click or pay per visitor. Tools like Clicky Web Analytics and Google Analytics can help you with the website information.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a keen interest in giving reviews and promoting the products, affiliate marketing is for you. In affiliate marketing, when visitors or readers of your review buy the product from your site, you get the commission from the company you are tied in with affiliation. You can use Hostinger or Amazon for affiliate programs.

Donation-based Monetization

For this technique, one needs creative or valuable content along with convincing power.  Many readers on the internet can pay for the right influencers. If you are looking for donation-based monetization, make sure you are creating the content that is polite enough to ask for donations. Add donation buttons directly linked to the payment processors.

Selling Your Products or Services

Make the products for your websites and sell them at a reasonable price. In the world of digitalization, the e-commerce business never fails to get the expected income. WordPress is the easiest way to create your site. The WooCommerce theme is highly used by the WordPress site owners for their marketing site.

Sponsored Content

If you own a site but do not have content that earns you money, then look around. You will find many business people who want to sell their content. Content can be provided by the business, or you can create it for them. Accordingly, you can charge for the content.

Membership Websites

The advanced level of the donation method is membership websites. In this technique, you ask the readers or visitors to pay for your content authentically.

There are a few ways one can use membership as a monetization technique:

  • Subscribing to the additional content of the site.
  • Metered content that the readers have to pay to read or see further at a particular checkpoint of the content.

WordPress have few amazing plugins for the same and you can install them according to your need.

Coupons with Affiliate Links

If you have an e-commerce website, to get more reach, you can offer a discount, i.e., discount coupons. Out of 100 people, 97 look for discounts and the best deals while shopping. Rakuten, formerly known, as Ebates is the leading site for discounts and coupons. The sites help to attract customers to their partnered merchants.


Learning is the key to success. We hope today’s topic gave you good knowledge on how to monetize money from your website.