Everything about How to Increase Landing Page Conversions

How to get users to convert in order to increase landing page conversions:

Conversion in digital marketing is getting a customer to take a specific desired action on a page. It could be signing up for a free report, watching a video, downloading a catalog, or even clicking to see another page of interest. If your landing page conversions rates are dismal how to increase users depends on better marketing campaigns. You will turn more customers into repeat buyers, who rave about your brand everywhere. 

Hook Readers with a Magnetic Headline 

First, your landing page dies on the quality of its headline because readers bounce off the page as soon as they arrive. A good landing page headline from the traffic source page clearly spells out the benefits of your offer. 

  • Use a simple, clear, benefit-rich headline.
  • Pique your readers’ interest so they are eager to know what’s next. 
  • Touch readers’ needs because people want to know what’s in it for them. 

Preserve copy sent between the Source Page and the Landing Page

Readers arrive on your landing page from somewhere.

They could have come from:

  • A PPC ad.
  • Organic search.
  • A guest post. 
  • A social media post.
  • An email newsletter.

Whatever the source, how to increase landing page conversions, users must have a smooth transition from the source page to your landing page. If there’s a hint you leak conversions many users bounce off soon after landing. 

To keep the copy sent between the pages:

  • Stick to the same topic on the traffic source page
  • Use the same keywords in your headline
  • Use a similar language throughout the copy
  • Use a similar design for the landing page and ad

Given these points, a smooth journey between the source page and your landing page will help to convert users for better conversions.  

All navigation must be removed, so readers stay on the page

A simple, clean page with no clutter is needed to increase landing page conversions as navigation is one such extraneous element. The result, 84% of landing pages have navigation bars, hence the poor landing page conversion rates across industries. Boost conversion; keep it simple with a landing page with no top navigation that incentivizes visitors to sign up. Add product feature, allowing visitors to get more information without having to leave the page. 

Include Powerful Testimonials to Sway Readers 

Nobody can do business with your company if they don’t feel comfortable with people they know, like, and trust. Authentic testimonials build trust fast to convert users to increase landing page conversions. They must come from customers who fit your reader’s buyer persona to show they come from real people. Address your ideal readers’ struggles that come from influences in your niche that readers adore and respect. 

Use Videos to Make Your Page Appealing

Videos work well on landing pages to convert users to increase landing pages conversions up to 34% compared to those that don’t.  

Here are some quick tips:

  • Use video testimonials to make your page more personal.
  • Hit the right notes when you craft a video script before creating your video. 
  • Include a call to action (CTA), on the video to divert readers’ attention. 
  • Choose the right length for your video, 2 minutes or less. 
  • Optimize your video for speed, otherwise users will abandon it.