Top 10 Experienced Investors on How to Invest in the Market

It is always a good deal to follow the advice of the most successful and experienced investors in the world. These are all those legends who always stuck to a solid investment philosophy. These strategies are not complex to understand. They simply believe in value & investment. Where they find value, they invest.

Top 10 Experienced Investors and Ways to Invest

Let us understand the top 10 experienced investors ways to invest:

1. John ‘Jack’ Bogle:

The founder of Vanguard Group has passed a long journey in the market of investment. Bogle likes to keep his thoughts on investing simple and concise. His advice for investors is:

  • Select low-cost funds
  • Avoid star managers
  • Beware of asset size
  • Hold the fund portfolio you bought

2. Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffet is one of the most successful investors of all time. With very little amount of investment, he was able to make a billion dollars. Buffet’s focus for investment is:

  • Buy companies at a low cost.
  • Improve them by applying management skills.
  • Realize all term improvements in stock price
  • Invest in companies you probably understand.

3. Philips Fisher:

One of the successful investors, Philips started his investment firm Fisher & company. His advice for investors is:

  • Invest for the long term
  • The investor should look for characteristics of the business
  • Those businesses with high-profit margins, growth-oriented are good to invest.

4. Benjamin Graham:

Benjamin Graham is well known as the teacher and mentor to Warren buffet. He made a lot of money for his clients without much investment. Graham’s advise to investors is

  • Always keep a margin of safety in one’s investment.
  • Buy below the conservative value of the business.

5. Bill Gross:

Bill Gross is considered as the ‘King of Bonds’. He is the founder of ‘PIMCO.’ His advice to investors include:

  • Follow an investment style that focuses on the total portfolio.
  • Investment should be for the long term, i.e., at least 3 to 5 years. This will help you to get an idea of the market over the period.

6. John Templeton:

Templeton is the creator of modern mutual funds. Once he bought 100 shares of every company, listed to NYSE below $1. By doing so, he was able to get the market idea as a whole. His advice to investors include:

  • Investments should be in diversified forms.
  • Best value stocks should be purchased. These are those which are usually neglected.

7. Carl Ichan:

He is well known as the leader shareholder in activism. His investing techniques are quite the opposite. His investing styles are:

  • Invest in those companies that are poorly managed.
  • Focus on companies that are undervalued

8. Peter Lynch:

Lynch is among those rare investors who can gain up to 29% as return ratios. His thoughts for investing are:

  • Know what you know
  • Don’t invest for long terms

9. George Soros:

He is commonly known as the man who ‘broke the bank of England’. His advice is:

  • Identify macro-economic trends in the market
  • Play more in bonds and commodities

10. Michael Steinhardt

Michael Steinhardt used to play with stocks, bonds & commodities. He made millions in a very short period. His advice to investors are:

  • Always make your living by doing something which you enjoy doing.
  • Always trust your intuition; it has a hidden sub computer in mind.