Top 5 Gaming Stocks To Invest For Better Returns - Ultimate Guide

Top 5 Gaming Stocks :

Investing in gaming stocks is for those investors who are mindful of a few things that could do well in the industry. A look at the top 5 gaming stocks tells how they help millions of people to gain financial freedom. That just means that they might be a good bet for investors, due diligence is still required.

It’s said the odds always favor the house, investing in casino stocks may not be a bad bet. Once gaming companies had resorts in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City, now they have opened the world to investors. From Macau to Australia, Singapore, and recently Japan, gaming companies have extended their reach to far corners of the globe. Regional casino players have legalized gambling making gaming companies a rich universe of stocks to choose from.


It may be upsetting to fans of rival gaming consoles, but SONY (SNE) stands above the rest. Last month, SNE announced that lifetime sales of its PlayStation 4 console hit nearly 92 million units. To put this haul into perspective, the predecessor PS3 —sold 84 million units. However, this outrageous popularity tells us is that the PS5, gaming stocks will once again dominate.


Coming in second place is Microsoft (MSFT), the software and cloud-computing giant. It’s Xbox One console has shipped more than 40 million units worldwide. Initially, MSFT is choking on Sony’s tailpipe that is due to the latter’s content advantage. However, the predecessor Xbox 360 sold 86 million units worldwide, eclipsing the PS3. So the current tally will likely increase as MSFT levers its own exclusive titles, such as the ultra-popular Halo series. Microsoft’s unbeatable reach in computer software and relevant hardware makes it one of the best gaming stocks to buy.


Nintendo (NTDOY) offered a paradigm shift among video game stocks back in 1980. Usually in the tech sector, going retro with gaming stocks, NTDOY released miniature versions of their classic consoles to rave reviews. At one point, they beat PS4 and Xbox One sales, prompting copycat responses. They have found new life with its unique switch product that might be a game-changer. 

Sega Sammy

The iconic Sega Genesis from Sega Sammy (SGAMY) contrasted sharply with Nintendo’s family-friendly consoles. Mortal Combat with the “blood code” lived up to the bad-boy hype but the Genesis and its successor Saturn couldn’t keep up with Sony and Nintendo. Eventually, Sega and pachinko-machine manufacturer Sammy merged to form SGAMY. Favorable Japenese Legislation towards casinos plus SGAMY reserves the option to tap into the nostalgia market with its own throwback console.

Electronic Arts

The far-reaching success of Electronic Arts (EA) is that no one knows how to shoot themselves in the foot like EA. Battlefield V launch was once supposed to be their hallmark moment; the game itself had multiple bugs. Several critics pointed out that the gameplay was boring, naturally, EA stock bombed. The markets assumed that the company won’t learn from its mistake, however, EA recently released an FTP game called Apex Legends. It has gained significant traction plus with another Star Wars movie coming up, EA can leverage its exclusive license.