Top 5 Instagram Hacks that You Need to Know

Top 5 Instagram Hacks

Instagram has become the hot café that accommodates the world in it. Millions of people are ready to share their stories and talents, and millions of people are ready to watch it. Instagram is a platform that entertains and inspires you at the same time. But, are you using your Instagram to the fullest? Are you using all the offered features to increase and improve your engagement? Well if not, then here are the top 5 Instagram hacks you probably didn’t know. These Instagram hacks will help you discover the platform better. We’ve broken these Instagram hacks down into categories so you can easily find the parts you need the most help with.

Give Glimpses:

Create suspense in your stories by providing just a glimpse. Yes, you can provide a glimpse of your post or the picture in your stories. All you have to do is select the pen and color option. Tap and hold it on the screen for a few seconds. The whole screen will be painted with the color. Now, select the eraser tool and rub out the portion you want your audience to see. This hack will increase the curiosity amidst the viewers and will also make your story look aesthetic. Also, make sure you use your story feature the most. It is one such feature where you can experiment the most. Secondly, the story feature allows you to interact with your audience immediately and directly. By using the polls, ask a question, quiz, and other options, you can get closer to your customers.

Know the Posts You Have Liked:

You can see the posts you liked. Sometimes when you want to show a post to someone, it disappears. Don’t worry! If you have liked that post then it hasn’t disappeared. Rather it has been saved in the ‘Posts you have liked’ section. To reach this option follow the following steps- go to settings, then my account. There you will find an option ‘Posts you have liked’. Tap on it and you will see all the posts you have liked. Show those memes to your friends without the fear of losing them.

Give a Shout Out:

We definitely don’t want to lose those followers who adore our Instagram. These are the potential followers that hype your work to others. Don’t lose them. Make them feel acknowledged by giving them a mention or shout out on your story highlight. Use your story highlights well. These are useful when lazy viewers visit your site but don’t want to scroll down. Make your story highlight strong, so that the message goes out loud and clear. Let the non-followers know that not only is your feed pretty, but you also acknowledged your fans and admirers.

Track, Track, and Track:

As the holder of a business account, it is your responsibility to track and analyze your account. Instagram gives you the option of analyzing your posts. The likes, comments, shares, and the number of ‘save’ can all be tracked by you. This tracking will help you understand what your audience wants from you.


If your account is public, you will be receiving a number of tags daily. Well, you can stop this now. Instagram allows you to stop getting tags from random pages. Once you enable this option, only those tagged posts will be shown that you approve. So go out and stop those random pages from showing on your tagged posts.