Know about the Best 7 Strategies for Marketing Conferences

A marketing conference means being available everywhere at one time. To gain more from marketing conferences, you want the attendees to create a buzz about the conference. Your event name should be seen wherever they turn. The real events are much more than social and web presence. Here are some strategies for marketing conferences that you can use to stand out from your competitors.

The 7 Best Strategies for Marketing Conferences

1. Know your participants

You need to know your attendee’ first. You are looking for professionals for the conference, but from which industry? If you are targeting the influencing sector, then your audience should be influencers. If you are targeting the influencing sector, then you should know that there are more young audiences on Facebook rather than LinkedIn.

2. Use social media tools

You should know that 25% of the traffic to registration pages arrives from social media platforms. People surf social medial to understand what is going on. As a conference creator, you need to be aware of these statistics. You can use social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Edgar. These tools will help you to strategize your conference marketing.

3. Pay attention to online advertising

Several big brands are coming online. It means the organic reach of content is depreciating day by day. Paid ads become essential in this situation. Tools such as Boostable and Tone Den assist you with the target audience in a better way. It can also perform A/B testing on your ads to determine which ads are most active.

4. Put extra efforts on SEO

It would be best if you put extra effort into search engine optimization. The reason is there are more than 10,000 searches for the word ‘Conference.’ Experts say that SEO is science. Always make sure to mention keywords such as the physical address of the event.

5. Create repurposable content

If you are creating any content, make sure that the content is reusable. For example, if you have written any content, it should be written in such a way that you can create pictures and videos on that content. You don’t need to make it from scratch. If you are doing that, then you are making a big mistake.

6. Extra-weight on visuals

If you are creating an event or conference, then the moments must be precious. You can hire professionals to seize those moments. Those moments can be used for future events or conferences. You can use those pictures or videos year-round to maintain the energy exciting around your event.

7. Sub-divisions of e-mail list

The E-mail list is vital for your business. It is one of the data of your event’s attendees. Rather than creating one list, you can sub-divide the whole list into:

  • Attendees of the previous year
  • The candidates who have signed up but not attended the conference
  • Those who have shown interest but not registered yet

By using this list, you can target your audience. You can create different mail formats for different types of audiences.


These are the 7 best strategies for marketing conferences. Adding to the list, you need to treat your audience as your marketing partner, and you have to remove all the barriers to registrations.