How to find a Free Tax Preparation Help for Qualifying Taxpayers

How to find free tax preparation help:

There is something called the Volunteer Income Tax Assistant. This is an Internal Revenue Service program that helps people and offers them free tax preparation help. It is for the people who usually earn about $56,000 or less annually, for people with disabilities, or for people who have limited English speaking skills. Basically, it is for taxpayers who require assistance in preparing their own tax returns. There are various sources to help prepare you for filing your tax returns for free.

Free Legal Clinics

There are free legal clinics or clinics that charge almost negligible fees. There are legal clinics meant for low-income taxpayers. Their services are free and if not free, they are a very low cost and inexpensive. It is based on income eligibility and they help the taxpayers in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service.

Revenue Service Tax

The Internal Revenue Service tax offices are extremely knowledgeable if you have any tax issues that you are not able to resolve online. Even if you are not able to resolve the tax issue over the phone, you can easily contact the Internal Revenue Service taxpayer assistance center to set up an appointment to help you with your queries.

Free Tax Preparation

Free tax preparation is a community based on ways to get yourself free tax preparation help. The Internal Revenue Service trains volunteers that can help you file your tax returns. These volunteers help the current members of the armed forces for free, although there is a certain income limit for most of the individual taxpayers that opt for this program.

Tax Returns for Free

The Internal Revenue Services helpline provides a phone line where absolutely anyone can call regarding their tax questions. Here the income level of any individual is not considered in providing free tax preparation help. You can call multiple times with various questions but there is a very high probability that you will be transferred to multiple different representatives if you did so. There are different types of specialists for different types of questions.

Taxpayer Advocate Service

The taxpayer advocate service office is the Internal Revenue Service’s taxpayer advocate service office for taxpayers when there is a larger issue that you are dealing with other than just filing a return. This service helps all individuals not considering their income levels, and the service is extended to anybody who has a long time problem with any tax issue. For example, if an individual is trying to resolve a tax issue that occurred the previous year, the taxpayer advocate service office is ready to help.

Tax Software

Tax software is free for public use. Regardless of what your income level may be, there are various companies that offer free tax software that provide you the help with basic tax problems. The software will calculate your taxes along with deductions and credits and then electronically file your taxes.

Basically, if you have to file your taxes by yourself and cannot afford to hire someone to do it for you, just get the free help from the IRS tax offices and phone helplines, volunteers, and free legal clinics.