Power of Quitting - Understand Where to Fight and Where to Quit

Power of Quitting

We all come across hard situations in life. However, either we often face them, or we quit them. The power of quitting is inherited by each one of us, but it all depends on how, more or less, we utilize it. People often quit because they do not find solutions to their problems. However, they forget that anyone who stays will gain something for his own sake.
How many times do we come across words like:

  • Never Give up!
  • Don’t Quit!
  • Winners don’t quit!
  • You can do it!

The words speak a lot. The situations might be difficult to face, but it will pay off, using the hope behind the fight.

Now, let’s talk about the opposite aspect

Fellow coach Jim Allen shares his thoughts “Most of us in the world view quitting as a negative aspect, but it is not.” In reality, winners quit a lot. Not just a time or two, they are habitual in leaving things that do not give them the desired results. Take the example of friendship. Sometimes, you find that things are not working properly. You tried hard, faced ups and downs, but you find no positive result. What do you think at this point? Giving it a break or quitting? Of course, you have to make several of these types of decisions in life.

Now, let us talk about some specific areas you need to quit, such as bad habits! Jim Allen encourages making a list of such individual habits. This may be identifying some weak areas within you and abandoning them.

A well-known thought says, “You quit what’s not working for you or something you are tolerating for a long period.” You probably invite some positivity inside you. The one which makes you feel alive. The power of quitting might play a negative role as long as you fight. However, as soon as you quit, you sometimes find it to be a positive path.

Reasons where you may quit:

Uncomfortable situations:

When you are not comfortable enough to face a situation or doing a task, which provides you no pleasure, you may probably quit. This is not because you are weak, but you are not the right person to face that situation.

Negative vibes:

A person may quit if one feels that the task one is doing fills them up with negative thoughts or vibes. Quitting will encourage his/her inner soul to find something positive which suits them.

Reasons where you may not quit:

Facing a situation: The power of quitting plays a negative impact here. Facing situations enhances the chances to fight. Even if you lose, you will surely get to learn.


Keeping a note on the positive as well as the negative impact of ‘Power of quitting,’ we should understand where to fight and where to quit. This will give the ability to fight against the odds and ignore the ones that matter less.