All about Network Monitoring and Best Network Monitoring Apps

What is network monitoring?

Simply, we can say network monitoring tracks the consumption of traffic on your mobile device using the built-in Android tools as well as third-party applications. Network monitoring is especially important for users who have limits on data usage as well as for internet connections while roaming.

What can be monitored?

Android network monitor apps are designed for heavy users who want to control incoming and outgoing traffic on their phones and tablets. These apps provide information on all internet connections, services, apps that utilize internet traffic, and IP-addresses they connect to.

Monitoring software displays the amount of data sent and received during each connection. The data is useful for tracking suspicious network activity. Some applications can be configured to send notifications every time your phone establishes an Internet connection.

If you are sensitive to mobile data usage, you can set limits for specific periods of time. If you exceed those limits, monitoring apps can offer options for reducing traffic consumption. Network monitoring apps will be useful for users who want to use high speed data with a low price level and get the most useful data at the lowest price.

Best Network Monitoring Apps:

Some of the best network monitoring apps are:

Fing – Network Tools

This app allows seeing devices connected to a selected WiFi network, evaluates security risks, and even finds intruders. You can easily troubleshoot discovered issues and achieve a higher network performance. Fing provides detailed information about connected devices (device name, manufacturer, IP and MAC addresses, etc.), internet provider analyses, measurements on the network quality, bandwidth data usage, and so much more.

Ping Tools Network Utilities

Ping Tools makes it possible to ping the network, get information about its configuration, detect ports and WiFi networks, check information, lookup IP addresses, DNS, etc. and you can track the use of the network. It also features a wake-on network function.

IP Tools – A simple Network Utility

It is a feature-packed, yet simple and easy-to-use app that configures and diagnoses networks as well as improves their performance. It has a tremendous number of utilities such as LAN and port scanner, WiFi analyzers, IP calculator, DNS lookup, ping data, information, and much more.


This tool allows seeing all devices connected to your WiFi network. If you spot an unauthorized connection you can cut such a user off with a single tap. The app also supplies a handy Netcut defender, too.

WiFi Password Recovery

If you forgot your WiFi password and now you can’t hook up to your network, WiFi Password Recovery is exactly what you need. You can restore passwords of all networks that you have previously used. Moreover, please note that the app is not capable of detecting passwords of networks you’ve never hooked up to. Also, to use this tool your phone has to be rooted.

Network Monitor Mini

This app displays data related to your network in the notification tray. With a free version, this can see information on your connection speed and data rate. You are also able to customize the app’s appearance. The pro-version supplies tools to normalize VPN/proxy traffic, show decimal places, adjust values, and much more.

Network Connections

The app allows seeing all connections from your phone. Network Connections provides information on every connection (IP address, PTR, AS number, etc), the amount of data sent and received, and much more. However, you can see every app on your device that uses internet traffic. The app will send you a notification every time apps attempt to establish an internet connection.

3G Watchdog – Data Usage

This app counts every type of data usage and displays it conveniently. 3G Watchdog demonstrates traffic used by every app on your device. You can see the net data usage with detailed information about traffic used for certain periods.