10 Best and Easy Ways to Improve your People Skills

Best 10 Ways to Improve People Skills :

“People skills” are defined as the ability to listen, problem-solve, communicate, plan, influence, willingness to work together, and many more. In this article, we are discussing the 10 best ways to improve your people skills.

1. Learn Communication Learning has no age.

If you have to improve your interpersonal skills, learn effective communication. An effective communicator can break the toughest of deals. Take courses and organize training for your colleagues. Help others learn, too. This can improve your communication skills, in addition to boosting your confidence, which is one of the most important people skills.

2. Appreciate – Everybody loves to be appreciated.

Always appreciate your juniors and/or colleagues for their efforts and work. Show appreciation to yourself if nobody else does. This will promote positivity, not only in you, but also in your team. A small token of appreciation also helps increase work efficiency. Appreciation makes people feel acknowledged for their work.

3. Identify your Core Values – Your values make you unique.

They make you stand out in a group of people. Identify them, work on them, and highlight them. This will make you feel confident in yourself. It will also allow others to trust you with a particular task.

4. Respect – Always Respect. Respect is a two-way factor.

If you give respect, you get respect. Especially in corporations where people from diverse backgrounds come for work. You must always keep in mind lingual and cultural diversity. Be as humble and polite as possible while talking. Try to communicate with gestures. Make people feel comfortable.

5. Listen – Listening is an art that is now fading.

Everybody wants to tell their share of stories, but nobody wants to listen. Lend an ear to someone. Listening makes you understand a lot of things. Besides that, it will also help you discover new things.

6. Feedback – Feedback is very important.

Feedback helps a person learn more about themselves. Always give and take feedback accordingly. This will help you do better than before. Both negative, as well as positive feedback, will make you constructive. Take your criticism seriously and work on the loopholes. While positive feedback will help boost a sense of fulfillment and confidence in you.

7. Follow Good Business Ethics – These days, people are losing their business ethics.

Good business ethics will always make your company trustworthy, reliable, and approachable. People would love to work with you or your company if they know that you follow guidelines. This will induce a sense of discipline and truth in people working with you.

8. Influence – Try to influence someone.

If you can inspire just one person someday, you will get a feeling of fulfillment. Often in corporations, all people do is compete. But amidst this competition, try and influence someone through your work and ethics of communication. This is one meaning of influence. In other words, you must know the art of influencing in order to get your idea passed. If you have a different opinion, don’t be afraid to voice them. Stay true to yourself and you can persuade your peers. It works either way.

9. Plan – Always plan before presenting.

No matter how spontaneous you are, always have a plan. This will keep you confident while presenting. Follow the order of the plan. There is no need to have a written plan; you can have it in your mind. Spontaneity will help you improvise accordingly.

10. Include/mention your team – You are because of your team.

Remember there is no ‘I’ in team, it is always ‘WE’. This will build the confidence and trust of your team members in you. It will make you “one”. No matter how many different opinions you have in the team, a team is always ‘WE’. Acknowledge the hard work of your team.