Understand How to Start a Vending Machine Business in the U.S.

Running the vending machine business industry is one of the most popular businesses in the US; from the new bees to the experienced ones are doing it. Thus to start the business of vending machines, you should know a few things beforehand so that your plan will not fail. Let us share an overview of the necessary things that one should know before starting the business of a vending machine. 

What to know before initiating a Vending Machine Business

The business of Vending Machine requires a small amount of investment like some thousand dollars, a vehicle, and determination to run it and earn profit through it. Consider the demand in your area, what sort of products do you want to purchase, know your retailers, and your approach to them. When all your W’s & H’s will be answered, then you are all set to start with the business. 

6 Steps to Start a Vending Machine

1. Consider all the available options of vending machines

It is not always about selling snacks and soda when you decide to start the VM business. The VMs’ are in total available in three different varieties. First are the beverages, second is the bulk machines, and third ones are those with specialty vending services include laundry, hot beverages, retails, etc.

2. Choose the right place to operate it

You may find vending machines in malls, office parks, airports, inside a locality, or anywhere. So plan it accordingly where you want to implant the machine and can derive maximum sales through it. 

3. Find your VM

One can find vending machine dealers from various markets. Such as from wholesale markets, manufacturers, from online retailers, from C2C businesses like eBay. So, choose the vendor as per your requirements and your future propositions.

4. Have enough stock for your VM

Do not overstock or understock; just note your demand for initial days, and then make the supply cycle accordingly. Also, opt for the inventories, which are in high demand in your preferred site. 

5. Look for financing options for your VM

It is an expensive deal to buy the machines, choose the financing options like the short-term loans or equipment financing, whichever gives you easy repayments at EOD.

6. Invest rightly on the tools of VM

The inventory management can be manual or computerized, in terms of customer services and invest your time wisely in the business is the most important investment.

Advantages of Vending Machine Business

  • Expandability – Expand the business at different stages and as per the generating demands of the machines in the specified area.
  • Minimize setup costs – Initially, do not invest a lot in the tools, with little space just start up with the business.
  • Manageability- Manage the vending machine properly after fixed intervals, take due care of its equipment, collect money on time, fill the stock timely, etc.
  • Cash-based cycle- The transactions are generally through cash or credit cards. Decide how you want to collect cash from the machine or the credit card companies.


It takes just the right proposition and timely reviewing of the know-how of the business to make it run successfully. Vending Machine business is one of the largest explored and trending businesses in the US markets, but to run it all profitably is not everyone’s cup of tea. Make sure to draw proper attention to the work and do follow-up correctly is all you need, and then you are all set to start your vending machine business.