Complete Guide on How to Make Money From Online Surveys

Make Money From Online Surveys

Most people tend to have an individual opinion about everything around them. Be it about the features in a newly launched smartphone or the policies proposed by political candidates. But have you ever thought that you could earn more extra income by simply sharing these thoughts and opinions of yours? It is true! In this article, we are gonna tell you how you can make money from online surveys. Mentioned below are some of the best survey sites which will help you on this journey of yours. Let’s get started!


Swagbucks is quite undoubtedly one of the most well known and popular online survey companies that exist. They happen to reimburse you for every single survey taken by offering a reward known as ‘Swagbucks’. You can easily redeem these for gift cards from online retailers such as Amazon.


MintVine is a platform wherein you will get paid for taking surveys as well as by agreeing to try out many amazing new products and services. Also, MintVine makes sure that you paid in cash only if you have earned $10 and more in accumulated earnings.

Springboard Panel

Springboard America happens to pay its users a small fee for every single survey they complete. Also, you can only redeem your funds for an Amazon gift card only when you have accumulated $50 or more in funds.

Harris Poll Online

The Nielsen Group is the one that runs the Harris Poll. This is why this particular platform is often considered as part of one of the largest market research firms in the U.S. Harris Poll allows you to have the opportunity to fill out surveys for brands. Which are mostly in the household category. In exchange, you get to earn rewards from companies such as Amazon, ESPN, iTunes, and more.

Inbox Dollars

As the name suggests, this platform will help you earn money not from just taking online surveys but much more. If you happen to opt-in for some of their other available categories. Then you will be available to earn money for doing things such as reading emails. Also, if you are comfortable with it, you can let Inbox Dollars learn about your online shopping and gaming patterns to earn even more money.

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is another great option that happens to pay its users for a variety of activities besides just taking surveys. These activities include things such as playing games online and doing specific web searches. Also, unlike many other popular programs, Cash Crate is more than happy to send you a check and not just offer you reward points and gift cards.


Toluna is a well-known and widely respected market research company. You can sign up with their platform to take surveys and then be rewarded with many different gift cards from brands and companies such as Gap, Sears, Target, and more. Like many of the other survey companies, Toluna happens to operate on a basis of points and you can only redeem these points for rewards when you happen to reach a minimum threshold.

This brings our discussion on making money from online surveys to an end. Now, do let us know if you have tried doing this as well.