The 5 Best Upcoming Laptops With Fastest Speed

The Best Upcoming Laptops for Better Use:

The best upcoming laptops of today can do amazing things such as work speed, display, and audio/video quality. These fantastic mobile workstations boast massive amounts of power into slim designs, and they are ideal for high workloads. Unsurprisingly, the most powerful ones aren’t going to be suitable for all users. However, these laptops are high-powered machines that can cope with a lot of work and are ideal for creative work with big files.

1. MacBook Pro (16-inch)

The most powerful MacBook ever

CPU: 9th-generation Intel Core i7 – i9 | Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5300M – Radeon Pro 5500M | RAM: 16GB – 64GB | Screen: 16-inch Retina display with True Tone | Storage: 512GB – 8TB SSD

  • Stunning 16-inch screen
  • New improved keyboard
  • Expensive
  • Limited to four Thunderbolt 3 ports

Apple has knocked it out with the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, making it the fastest laptop out there, keeping the thin, light, and stylish design. Apple has included a larger 16-inch screen, and the overall size of the new MacBook Pro is similar to the 15-inch version. When it comes to performance, it is the best mobile hardware ever made, including a 9th-generation Intel Core processor, a 5500M graphics card, and up to 64GB of memory for media editing and creation.

2. Dell Precision 5530

CPU: 4-6 core 8th generation Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9 / Xeon | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics / Nvidia Quadro P1000 / P2000 | RAM: 8-32GB | Screen: 15.6-inch UltraSharp FullHD / 4K | Storage: 256GB-2TB SSD, 500GB-2TB HDD

  • Looks brilliant
  • Nvidia Quadro graphics
  • SSD + HDD combos
  • Configurable model limited to Intel graphics only

Dell describes its Precision 5530 as its thinnest and smallest 15-inch mobile workstation ever. Also, available in ‘bright onyx’, the two-piece silver and black chassis looks great. And inside there’s a choice of Core i5, i7, or i9 Intel processors with four and six cores. It has up to 2TB of fast NVMe storage and unlike other slim laptops, you can add a second hard disk to give a fast system drive. Moreover, topping off the specification is an Nvidia Quadro graphics card and an optional 4K touch-sensitive display.

3. Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition

A seriously powerful pro laptop

CPU: 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Studio Edition | RAM: 32GB | Screen: 15.6″ OLED 4K Touch 60Hz, factory calibrated | Storage: 1TB SSD

  • Powerful
  • Beautiful screen
  • Expensive

The regular Razer Blade laptop is a gaming laptop; its sheer power has turned this into one of the best upcoming laptops. The mobile work stations for creative design is brilliant, aimed at photographers, graphic designers, and video editors. Also, there is a choice of powerful graphics cards and a factory-calibrated 4K display combined with the sleek design. The Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition proves that the most powerful laptops in the world can also be the most stylish. 

4. 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro (2019)

CPU: 6-8 core 9th-generation Intel Core i7 / i9 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics / AMD Radeon Pro 555X / 560X / Vega 16 | RAM: 16-32GB | Screen: 15.4-inch display | Storage: 256GB-4TB SSD

  • 6 or 8-core 9th-gen processor
  • Retina display
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • One of the priciest high-end laptops
  • Storage and memory upgrades expensive

Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro is the second most powerful laptop Apple has made. However, the new model with an eight-core 9th generation Intel processor is guaranteed to fly through any computing task. Whether it’s video editing, 3D design, the top-end MacBook Pro will chew through it effortlessly, no matter the six or eight-core model. Moreover, MacBook Pro becomes a pricey proposition alongside the fantastic display and fantastic battery life.

5. HP ZBook Studio G5

The best display in a mobile workstation

CPU: 4-6 core 8th generation Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9 Xeon | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics, Nvidia Quadro P1000 / P2000) | RAM: 8-64GB | Screen: 15.6-inch FullHD / 4K display | Storage: 256GB-2TB SSD x2, additional HDD / SSD

  • Great screen
  • Lashings of storage available
  • Up to 64GB of memory
  • Slightly chunkier than others

The futuristic-looking HP’s ZBook Studio laptop befits an equally forward-thinking internal specification. It features four or six-core Intel processors, up to 4TB storage across dual SSDs, and Nvidia Quadro graphics. Also, the 15.6-inch 4K HP DreamColor display on the ZBook studio is possibly the best; it offers 100% AdobeRGB coverage, and 10-bit color accuracy means visibly better colors.