Know About New Facebook App CatchUp

The New Facebook App CatchUp

Catchup is a group call app in the making by Facebook. Facebook’s new effort towards group calling is on the verge of being launched. According to Facebook, the Catchup app will be first launched on Apple and Ios. It is currently being formed in the US.

Audio Calls

This app is an audio only app. This means that presently, this app does not support video calls. Audio calls are the primary and only focus on this app. It can connect up to eight people at once on an audio call. Though there might be other interventions and the features might change, the model that will be launched will be eight people and audio-only. The purpose of this app is to connect people from across the world via the internet.

This App is Free and Independent from Facebook

Another important thing to remember about this app is that it does not require the users to have a Facebook account. In that term, this app is free and independent from Facebook. Users are free to operate this and use this even if they do not have a Facebook account. This app can also access the contact list on the user’s phone to make calls and increase connections. However, one must remember that for the app to have access to the contact list, the permission of the user is essential. If you deny it permission, it cannot access your contact list. This is a feature added to maximize privacy.

Good Connectivity Rate

This app is in some ways, much like a social media app, in terms that it informs other people of your activity. It also informs your close friends and family that you have started using the app. This promotion helps other people know about the app, and they can then create profiles in order for you to connect. Due to its wide reach and good connectivity rate, this app is likely to be very popular among people.

Status Update

This app also allows its users to update their status. This means that the status update could either be “ready to talk”, indicating that you are online and are willing to receive or make calls. It could also be “offline” when you are no longer available. This status update lets your friends and family know just the right time to talk to you.

It Will be Launched Shortly

This app is currently in the making and will be launched shortly. This app will connect several people from across the globe. It is most likely to be launched on Ios before it hits android as of yet. Facebook has not given a clear date of the launch of this app.