Ultimate Guide For eCommerce Practices

The Best Guide for eCommerce Practices

There are a few best practices for eCommerce that will help you get results out of your time and effort.

Select a mobile-friendly theme

BrightEdge data shows that more web traffic now comes from mobile devices like smartphones. This means you can browse a selection of free themes all of which are mobile-optimized, and find the best-suited one, plus, you can make your eCommerce website look 100% customized.

Optimize for the web

Web optimization encompasses a wide range of strategies that convert more site visitors into customers.

Write enticing product descriptions

Use persuasive copywriting triggers— all of which encourage site visitors to buy.

Add beautiful product images 

Visuals are extremely important for online buyers who can’t see products. Additionally, along with static images, videos give customers a 360-degree view of your site.

Create a stellar customer experience

Research indicates that customer experience will overtake price as the primary brand differentiator for sales. This means it is important to focus on creating an impressive customer experience across all your brands. Moreover, you should make your product range visible including videos across all your touch points.

A few ideas to get you started

  • Add a FAQ page: Answering frequently asked questions helps potential customers easily find the information they need to complete a purchase.
  • Reduce image sizes: Reduce the size of your on-site images for quick load times. Leverage user-generated content, including customer reviews, images, and testimonials on your eCommerce site. This means you can improve the overall buying experience for customers.

Ecommerce Marketing Best Practices

Test social media ads

The best guide for eCommerce is to test social media ads, and Facebook has a huge audience that can be tapped. Consider targeting your audience with social media posts, including videos, and see what works best and drives sales. Moreover, collect email addresses, and stay in touch as companies agree that email marketing offers “good” ROI.

Use personalization to tailor offers

Personalization is important such as leveraging personalized product suggestions. This way, each customer feels you’re speaking to them.

Gather feedback via surveys

The best way to keep a finger on the pulse of what your audience wants is to leverage online surveys. Gather feedback on everything, from the product, marketing efforts, to customer service interactions.

How to Increase Ecommerce Sales:

Ecommerce sales in the US are nearly 10% of all retail sales and are increasing globally as well. You need to devise a strategy to increase sales.

Choose the Best Ecommerce Software

Choose an ecommerce website builder to meet your needs.

Consider the following:

  • Themes: You should customize ready-made themes that allow you to personalize and add company branding.
  • Domain name: Make sure you get a custom domain name and URL.
  • Expert, 24×7 support:  If an emergency happens, make sure you’ll have fast, reliable support at a moment’s notice.
  • Flexible payment options: Customers want to pay using credit cards and digital wallets. Look for a solution that is flexible to support different secure payment options.
  • Multiple language abilities: Your customers may be from all over the world, so you need to speak their language. It is a good idea to work with a tool that supports different languages.