How to Get More Comments on Instagram

Instagram is the most engaging social media platform, with more than 1 billion monthly active users. With the algorithm constantly changing, it is crucial for social media marketers to find an effective Instagram strategy. One that not only will bring you more followers, but will also make people post more comments under your content. To put it simply, the more engagement you get, the more Instagram likes you. The algorithm sees when more people interact with your Instagram account, their likes, and comments.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram

Use Niche Hashtags

Using niche Instagram hashtags can help you build a community, and it is easier to rank higher in smaller hashtags. Let people find you through the hashtag browser, even though you may not be using this browser, lot of people are. Instead of tagging your content #furniture, try adding your location. Do this to the hashtag to narrow it down (business location) and help people find you. Try adding something like a design and an Instagram hashtag that directly relates to your posts more specifically.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a very easy way to engage with your audience, partly because that’s where your fans will look. The other reason, stories have a lot of cool features that allow you to interact directly with your audience. You can create polls, answer questions, measure how people feel about something, and conduct a quiz. It’s a simple way to build a community of loyal fans as stories appear in the hashtag browser.

Share Your Feed Posts to Your Stories

This trend has become quite popular, and a good reason to share your posts to your stories. Moreover, due to Instagram’s algorithm, it’s getting harder to show up in your follower’s news feed. That is why you should share your posts on your stories as well, and this way more people will see new content. Therefore more new users and past fans will follow you and give more comments on Instagram.

Tag People, Brands, Locations

This one is as simple as tagging people, their friends, brands, or other accounts, and they will be notified. It’s easier to attract other users’ attention and have your content pop up in different places. You should tag locations to help people in your area find you and this is important if you’re running a local business. Tag users within your photo or video, as it’s much easier for them to notice you especially for users with a lot of traffic.

Comment Back

Another simple trick for you to consider to get more comments on your Instagram is to simply respond to the comments. Moreover, that will double the number of comments, which means more Instagram engagement and visibility. And if that’s not good enough, you can always ask people questions inside their comments thread. Therefore, you can create actual conversations there, to engage with your fans and followers.

Write Long Captions

Everybody loves a good story, so write long captions in order to get more comments on Instagram, and grow your fan base. This is one of those social media platforms where it’s hard to reach a character limit, and that gives you great leeway. Currently, your caption can be up to 2,200 characters, so you can share your life stories, ask people questions, and give a call to action. Just remember that your caption should be interesting, but encourage users to comment on your stuff.