Know about The Worst Customer Service Mistake

Customer experience is a crucial part of running a business or a company. The way the customers are treated is a deal-breaker for the brand and it simply cannot be understated. Yet, almost each one of us has had a bad experience when it comes to customer service. Most of the time, the customers are left unsatisfied with half-solutions to the problems they are facing.

The Worst Customer Service Mistakes


The never-ending ‘calls-on-hold’ often forces the customers to leave the call midway with unresolved issues still lingering. Also there is a lack of interest shown by outsourced customer services, who has no meaningful association with the brand in the first place. There’s plenty of frustration and agony to deal with when it comes to reaching out to customer service. Putting a customer on hold is one mistake often made and fails to tend to the customer.

Not Responding to the Customers at All

A customer or a potential buyer may call at any time to solve an issue or ask questions related to the companies’ product or service. It’s natural for them to do so. The last thing they want is to be left unattended. Companies failing to even acknowledge the initiated contact made by customers is immensely disappointing. Having their calls left unanswered, receiving no response to the emails they sent, or being left unattended at a chat session is the worst ordeal. Be it any channel of communication, ignoring the customers call for help is irresponsible on the companies’ side, and quite disheartening for the customer as well.

How Does Ignoring Customers Affect the Company?

With constantly evolving technology and a perpetual increase in the reach of social media, customers can leave negative reviews for a brand and its service within minutes. People can slander companies for not handling issues properly and can share their bad experience on social media, for many people to see.

Ignorance affects the company negatively in various ways:

  • Existing customers: The existing customers loses trust in the brand when left unanswered. Being a paying customer, they expect to be accommodated with their questions and issues.
  • Potential customers: Customers who earlier wanted to buy the product, will turn to other companies on facing bad customer experience.
  • Leads: People in the initial stage of the inquiry will lose interest in the company if left with unanswered questions.

Final Verdict

Good customer service is essential for the growth and success of a company’s business. Customer service can be a deal-breaker, as it affects the customers’ decision of whether or not they want to continue to engage with the brand. With the tools and technologies available today, there is no space for a company to have bad customer service. To avoid blunders, the staff should be trained properly to be well equipped with answers and solutions for the customers’ questions. Even if the specifics are complicated, acknowledging the customers is always better than leaving them with no response at all!