Impact of TikTok on Brands for Business Growth

Brands and companies are targeting new ways to promote their products and services. This is the reason why they are moving to specific new platforms to do digital marketing. Some apps have found video-sharing platforms as the most efficient platforms to endorse anything. Marketers know that video-sharing platforms are the future of digital marketing. In this article, we are going to discuss the impact of TikTok on brands for the growth of the business.

Impact of TikTok on Brands for Business Growth :

TikTok has gathered a lot of attention from marketers because it is accessed by a vast community. TikTok doesn’t require any paid service or tool to promote your brand and is very easy to use. Moreover, TikTok had a significant impact not only on big brands or companies, but also on solo creators or small scale companies, and creators have achieved a lot of revenue from it. TikTok has given endless opportunities to brands. Here’s how TikTok has given endless opportunities to brands to have a significant impact on their growth.

1. Organic Channel for Organic Reach

If you have a brand, then it’s advised that you should create an organic channel on Tiktok. Organic and new channels on TikTok have a high impact on the visitors of the brand. Also, having a channel on TikTok can bring brand awareness and trust towards the brand. TikTok can also act as a one-stop platform where a visitor can have all the necessary knowledge about the company. Although getting a lot of followers can be quite a big task if you have just made a TikTok account. If you have a TikTok account already, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to use other social media platforms to promote your brand. It would be best if you created more opportunities as you grow.

2. Better Advertising

There is a large variety of advertising formats in TikTok. If you are looking for awareness and reach, Discovery page takeovers work comparatively well. Users see the initial page or the first ad video on TikTok when they open the application. You can also opt for “in-feed native video and sponsored lens filters”. These features work the same as other paid media formats found on different social networks and can be used to reach and be considered tools.

TikTok also offers many campaigns and formats to support your advertising purpose. The hashtag challenge is one of the formats which can have an extraordinary impact on brands. If your brand is looking to exploit the entertaining nature of TikTok, then the ‘Hashtag Challenge’ format can act as the most attractive paid format. Hashtag challenges are campaigns given by brands that poke users to post videos of themselves with the brand’s hashtag visible.

3. Creative Opportunities

TikTok has a unique advantage over other brands, and that is its advanced video editing package that can sum up by adding quirky special effects, commentary, placing the user in and off-the-wall scenes, and can also help push music into videos. You can use popular songs to add to your promotion scenes, which will help you a lot in endorsing a brand. You can also create a video with your brand’s jingle and ask people to use the hashtag of your brand while posting it.