All You Need To Know About IGTV Monetization for Creators

Know About IGTV Monetization for Creators

Social media platforms are full of talented content creators and influencers. There are many social media platforms that monetize their creators for showing their creativity and talent. Amongst these, YouTube was the earliest source of income for many vloggers, influencers, and content creators. YouTube quickly found a way to monetize its creators by sharing the YouTube Partner Program in 2007. However, there are still some platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, who are testing new ways to monetize content creators. In this article, we will discuss the IGTV monetization for creators.

IGTV Ads: Instagram’s New Feature to Monetize Creators

Recently, Instagram has announced a new way for the creators to earn money by running short IGTV ads with IGTV videos. Before this, the company worked with only a few celebrities or top content creators and paid them only small production costs for IGTV content. But this hasn’t worked for creators to earn a profit. Hence they started looking for sponsored content or product placement to generate cash. Lack of monetization was the biggest hurdle on the success of IGTV, which led to the absence of great content on the platform. But now, providing a new income stream for content creators will make Instagram’s video platform a big hit.

Those who are deciding to monetize with IGTV have to agree to the partner program monetization policies to start earning. This new partner program with a monetization tool is different from the old partner program for business purposes.

How much money can you earn through IGTV? 

Until now, Instagram hasn’t paid money to their creators, whereas creators could earn up to $10 per 1000 views from Youtube. After the addition of the IGTV ad feature, the company has finally made a change for creators to generate revenue with IGTV. Recently in an interview with The Verge, Justin Osofsky, Instagram COO shared that the creators can earn 55% share from an ad break in an IGTV video. He added that the company might release more monetization techniques in the coming month to support the different needs and ambitions of the creators who work hard to create quality content. The ad will appear when a user clicks on an IGTV video and will only lasts 15 seconds long. 

Instagram is still working on various IGTV advertisement options such as “skip ads” like YouTube, to give the best final results to its users, creators, and advertisers. The company is also working on the Instagram Shops, Brand Collabs Manager, and Badges to prioritizing the monetization of the influencers or content creators. Last year, Instagram announced the testing of “shopping from creators,” which allowed influencers and creators to tag partner brands in their posts.

Are you looking to monetize your content?

Remember that monetization is not the only factor that creators should consider. If you are looking to earn through your content, along with monetization, it is essential to figure out where you are going to share your quality content, the audience demographic, video length, content format, and a lot more. 

This brings us to the end of our discussion on the IGTV monetization for creators. First, know your worth, then choose the right platform to show your worth to the world!!