Know about the Best Methods for Recycling Old Content

Best Methods for Recycling Old Content

In this article, we are going to discuss the best methods related to recycling old content. Let’s get started!

Consider Creating New Articles from Your Old Content

This is one of the most common and oldest tricks in the book when it comes to blogging. Some of the best things in life often happen to be spinoffs of other great things. The same applies to content as well. You can always convert your old content into a new one by writing an updated version of it. For instance, if you had previously written an article specifically for 2019 then do the same for 2020 by referencing the older article. This will then enable you to add more details and background information. Also, your piece of content will rank for multiple keywords as well.

Create a Part-Two Follow-Up

First, you need to identify an article that happened to perform extremely well in the past. Now, to extend its life, go ahead and create a part two follow-up. For instance, in the past, if you wrote an article on the beginner’s guide to on-site SEO, then consider writing a part two by focusing on off-site SEO. This will enable your readers to piece both the articles together and then extract the maximum benefit out of it. Also, keep in mind that you need to make sure your article is very informative and eye-pleasing.

Now, when you are applying this tactic, you should try using the original title of the article + “part 2”. This will let your readers know that you have previously covered the topic in detail as well.

Recycling Your Old Content into Interesting Info-graphics

A  great way to break down an immensely data-heavy blog post into a visually-attractive and highly-shareable piece of content is by creating infographics. They also happen to be a great way to generate high-quality links. Also, according to a recent study, sites that publish infographics regularly have 12% more traffic than those that don’t.

Transform Your Old Articles into Slide Share Presentations

Do you know what makes great slides? It is meaningful quotes, interesting statistics, and actionable advice. You can always take your most successful blog-posts and then transform them into quality SlideShare presentations. 

Now, because SlideShare happens to have a big and growing community, you will be able to expose your articles to potential customers and viewers. Remember that the secret to creating successful presentations always lies in mixing high-quality imagery with informative content.

Transform Your Old Content into eBooks

This is another great option to recycle your old content. You can turn it into an ebook. You would be shocked to know that many successful ebooks often started as blog posts. For instance, many of SmashingMagazine’s ebooks happen to owe their content to articles. Thus, needless to say, you can do the same as well but you need to supplement your blog posts with additional information as well. The ebook has to be worth your readers’ time.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on the best methods for recycling old content. Now, let us know some of your thoughts and opinions on the same.