Best 5 Ways to Increase your Facebook Page Engagement

Increase your Facebook Page Engagement

In this, we are discussing how to increase your Facebook page engagement. Have you ever observed that your Facebook engagement is getting down? Or Instagram is taking over? According to BuzzSumo, after undergoing an analysis of about 880 million posts, engagement on Facebook Pages has fallen by 20% since the start of 2017.

  • How to increase your Facebook page engagement? 
  • Is there any need to worry about it?
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Check the Engagement Rate

A moderate level Facebook marketer new to social media marketing feels accomplished if their business page gets a lot of likes. This is one of the major mistakes that can be made on platforms like Facebook. Such platforms in the world provide so many tools for businesses to analyze their success, and most people don’t even bother to use them. You may have seen a column on a Facebook business page called “People Talking About This,” and these metrics are as important as the number of likes to check the engagement rate. The engagement rate offers a much-furnished picture of the success of the brand on Facebook as it allows brands to analyze how much engagement they are getting on the social media platform.

The engagement rate can be formulated as the number of “People Talking about this” divided by the total number of likes. Acceptable engagement rates can be near to 1-2% but can also shoot up to 20-25% with some efforts. To opt for such strategies, you don’t need to abandon your current Facebook page or start from scratch, either. All you need is to consider some tactics to set your posts up for higher engagement. 

Best 5 Ways to Increase your Facebook Engagement 

1. Get to know the best time for your post 

Earlier it was believed that the universal best time to get maximum output, i.e., early afternoon. But not anymore. Every brand or product has its own perfect time to post. It’s because the best time to post depends on several factors that depend explicitly on where your audience is based. When do your followers use Facebook? What industry are you in? Facebook page insights, quickly get you data about when your Facebook Page fans are online for each day of the week. Knowing when your followers are most active can instantly increase the chances of likes and maximum engagement. The critical point is along with the perfect time, analyze your past post to see engagement rate, and then upload accordingly.

2. Use videos

Try to convey ideas via Videos. Videos perform best in terms of reach and engagement. They gain twice the level of commitment than average posts. 

3. Integrate your posts with CTA

Facebook is working on new ways to lead brands. Including a call to action within your posts is fair. They develop more interaction with users.

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4. Go Live

Facebook is advancing towards Live videos a lot in this past year. Live interactions with the audience or Live videos see the highest engagement of all. They fetch out 6x more engagement as people spend 3x more time on live than video uploads. Added to this, people comment 10x more on videos than in life.

5. Seek opinions from the audience or ask questions

Taking opinions or asking questions is an excellent way to offer our followers a chance to share their views or opinions. The audience will eventually help you know what to share further as you’ll get to know your audience.