What are The Most Important Areas of an SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Revaluing SEO strategy is extremely important following the arrival of Google Penguin update which is Google’s new algorithm to punish all dubious SEO strategies and enrich SEO practices. In presenting the most important areas of SEO strategy note the faster pace that the SEO practices are changing. All search engines with the highest market share are continuing to be stricter and more specific about their webmaster guidelines. 

The Most Important Areas of an SEO strategy

The successive updating of algorithms and simultaneously rewarding web enriching SEO practices are continuing to shape SEO. Thus, creating a better place for lazy web masters to compete for the search ranks with clever tricks. After the latest Google Penguin update it is clear that backdoor tactics would no longer meet any success. The most important areas of an SEO strategy are websites with page link speed that dominate search ranks. 

Relevant Content

There is no area most important as SEO strategy and weakness, as this area is directly reflected in your search ranks. You cannot cite page search ranks on the merit of a better link, great social media presence and so on. Users search web for satiating their hunger of knowledge, or countless other things that the readers are interested in. More informative content is valued and enriching and so it is reflected on the search ranks. 

If you can diversify your content with images, it can fetch an even better outcome. Though other determinant factors would also have their roles, it can wait as long your content is in consideration. 

Link Scheme

Among the most important areas of SEO strategy, your link scheme is the second most important in a bad book. Links are attributes that reflect your connections among the websites of your niche specialty. If you can direct the reader to other sites it undoubtedly can let you enjoy better traffic and search ranks. On the other hand, if the links are not relevant at all, they direct the users to their query that invites punishment from search engines. To make a better link scheme, guest posting is a most important SEO strategy. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In SMM you can share your content with millions on the web, buy their favorable opinion and make your branding seamlessly. Thanks to rigorous social media marketing, all these gain great traffic mobility and search ranks. SMM is the most important irreplaceable attribute of modern SEO strategy. There is no better way to influence the search engine from an outward perspective than that.

Speed Attributes

Speed attributes the way a webpage is downloaded, and it has always been one of the most important areas of SEO strategy. Just ask yourself, can you stand the boredom of waiting minutes to download on your screen? Even though your internet connection is working and other sites are easily showing up in seconds? Yes, the speed of your content links may not hold on more than just a few seconds and this obviously would result in decreased traffic. Google is considering indexing such low-speed sites, especially after the Google Penguin update.