Know About the Best Jobs that Pay $100k Plus Salaries

What are the Jobs that Pay $100k+?

Company ratings, perks, plus salary are all factors that come to mind for the job seeker looking for jobs that pay $100k+. However, one factor that the savvy seeker considers is the competitiveness of a job title. Hot jobs are abound in tech, healthcare, and business, so it’s important to know how many are vying for a dream role. When competition is low, there is at least one job for every job, per title, you won’t have to fight the masses in your search for jobs that pay $100k+.

It is not surprising that doctors and lawyers earn $100k+ salaries, but there are many other jobs that also pay more. Also, to help job seekers, there are several six-figure jobs that you may not be as familiar with.

Special Agent

Some special agents work for law enforcement by amassing criminal evidence. Their main role may be to examine strategies to prevent future crimes such as financial fraud. Qualifying candidates usually have a law enforcement background plus a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Special agent roles may require non-standard or on-call work hours while others are employed by private companies.

Airline Pilot

Another job that pays 100k+ are Airline pilots. They have to be certified with an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Major airlines prefer candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in aviation, or related fields, or those in the military. In addition to the mechanics of operating the plane, pilots also take a leadership role in overseeing their crews. So, they need to be seasoned managers who are comfortable with a non-standard schedule.

Regional Sales Executive

Successful regional sales executives seeking jobs that pay $100k+, need to be aware of customer’s needs. Regional sales executives are stellar communicators with a knack for spotting opportunities for closing a sale. They are always looking to grow their business and expand their customer base being well-versed in company products. Depending on what business they represent, a college degree may not be necessary.


Dentists have to complete a four-year undergraduate degree in pre-dentistry. They have to complete a doctoral degree in dental medicine before they can get licensed. Many budding dentists also pursue specialties, including dental transplants, which can make their practices even more lucrative. Dentists run their own practices which require both clinical and professional skills.

Software Architect

Get hired for jobs that pay $100k plus salaries such as a software architect; they build software that enables businesses to operate efficiently. They take the lead in communicating about system developments with company leadership. Most software techs have at least a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or a similar field. They should be technologically savvy and have skills knowing how to collaborate with others. Some people do acquire the right skills, through coding Bootcamp or online education programs. Long hours of study and practical knowledge are required to become successful software architects.