What are the Things that most Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover

What Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Understanding health insurance and its coverage in America is a difficult task. If you are not aware of what it does not cover, then one bad incident can create money problems. Health insurance is one of the most important insurances to have by people across the world and in the US. Below is a list of things that health insurance does not cover.

Hearing Aid

Around 48 million Americans have hearing problems & one-third being from the age group of 65 years and older. No government or private insurance companies cover hearing aids, though some insurance covers hearing exams.

Nursing Home Care

Another major necessity not covered by the American health insurance companies is long-term nursing home care. This includes dressing, cleaning, bathing, and feeding facilities that are not covered by insurance. Short-term nursing homes may receive coverage, but it is on case to case basis.

Experimental therapies

It includes therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. These are not covered under general cases, rest it depends upon your states’ essential therapy coverage. Only if your state has any provision, it will be covered. And the particular number of visitors covered is generally fixed by the health associations. 

Infertility Treatments

Generally, they are regarded as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which are not covered under the health insurance plan. They are an expensive procedure with only a 27% success rate, so various companies do not tend to cover it. It costs around $12,000- $15,000 for a single round of treatment.

Vision Aid

Insurance policies do not cover vision treatment. However, if you want vision insurance, you can opt for a separate policy, but remember, it is not associated with the ACA, so the policy can be transformed at anytime.

Cosmetic Surgery

Just because you do not like your looks, or are not satisfied with your jawline, that does not mean your insurance will cover you under a plan. Although, if the surgery is considered medically essential, then it will be covered.

Travel Vaccines

General health vaccines are covered under health insurance plans as the companies consider them as essential medication. However, if you are going out of the country and need a vaccine for that, then your insurance will not cover it, as it is not part of your regular medication.

Having health insurance is always suggested. It is a financial aid that can help you in tough times. Remember to read all documents carefully and look for what you’ll be getting from the insurance and what you will have to pay from your pocket. Medication, which is regular and regarded as essential in the life span of an individual, is considered under health insurance plans. The decisions are on the part of the company, ACA, and other authorities of the country and the states.


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