How to Get the Best Car Insurance for Young Adults

Best car insurance for young adults

Whenever a teenager steps into young adulthood, he/she becomes eligible to drive a car. But with a driving car, it is necessary to have car insurance. Factors such as good grades, graduation, safe-driving, and good student nature determine your insurance premium. Giving young adults a car is not risk-free and a small accident can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why car insurance companies find it difficult to set plans for young adults. Car insurance companies think that young and inexperienced drivers are riskier, and are more likely to indulge in an accident. But how do these companies manage to create the best auto car insurance for young adults?

How do the car insurance companies plan the best auto car insurance for young adults?

Planning and getting car insurance is not an easy task. Characteristics such as driving record, credit score, and driving experience help to set the price for the auto insurance policy. Some other characteristics like traveling distance, how much you drive, the car you drive, and the condition of the car are also considered while making a plan. Below is the list of top 5 insurance companies that offer the best car insurance for young adults.

Top 5 best auto car insurance with features for young adults are :

1. Liberty Mutual

Student Discount: This feature is available to those student drivers who are under the age of 25 and maintain B grade average or higher, overall.
Graduate Discount: If you have just graduated from college then this feature might amaze you. You can take advantage of extra savings to celebrate your accomplishment.
Married Discount: If you are a newly married couple, then you can enjoy this policy. Vehicle Safety Features Discount: Do you have a car that has multiple airbags, object sensors, and other cool safety features? This policy will give you an additional discount for having it.

2. Metromile

Safe Driving Discount: If you didn’t have an accident in the past three years then you can look for this feature, as it will give you a discount for sure.
Multi-car discount: Look for multi-car discounts if you have two or more cars. You can enjoy leverage on all of them.

3. Esurance

Fast 5 Discount: Just put a quote online and you’ll grab 1%-5% off of your first term premiums.
Switch & Save Discount: If you transfer your insurance from another company to Esurance, they will reward you with an exclusive 5% off on your first two term’s premiums.
Good Driver Discount: Esurance gives discounts to those drivers who haven’t had any accidents in the past couple of months or years.
Defensive Driver Discount: If you complete a certified defensive driver course (online or in a classroom) you are eligible to claim this discount.
Good Student Discount: If you are under 25 and maintain a minimum of a B average in high school, you become eligible to claim this discount.

4. Nationwide

Easy Pay Sign-up Discount: Just sign up for paperless billing and grab an easy discount. Also, you won’t forget to pay your premium for the next month.
Accident-free Discount: If you didn’t have any accidents in the past 5 years then you can save extra cash in the form of a discount on premiums.

5. Geico

Student Discount: If you are aged between 16 to 24, and score an average of B or higher, then you can qualify for this discount.
Good Driver Discount: You can reduce your bill by up to 26% if you haven’t had any accidents in the past.


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