Best Tips to Get a Car loan With a Bad Credit Score

How to get a car loan with bad credit? Do you have a bad credit score but need to find a car loan with favorable terms? Getting a car loan approved with a bad credit score may be problematic. But you can find a car loan even with a credit score that needs work without breaking your monthly budget.

Tips to help You Get a Car Loan Even with Bad Credit :

Understand Your Credit Score

It is very crucial to understand and know your credit score. You get to know the factors behind your credit score on Bankrate and you can also get your free credit report and your credit score. Through this, there are many factors that you can look into immediately. One such factor is making troublesome and difficult payments. Before applying for the loan, it is always helpful to take some action to repair your credit score. This will help you find a beneficial position with the lenders.

Doing Research

It is important to always prepare yourself, so that you are not caught off-guard when it is time to negotiate a deal. It is crucial that your research includes key terms such as annual percentage rate, which means a loan’s yearly interest rate. It also is helpful to know the Kelley Blue Book value of the car of your preference. The Kelley Blue Book value is the starting point of negotiation of a second hand or a used car.

Look Around

You must never limit yourself to just one loan lender. There are many lenders that usually offer car loans even though you have low credit. There is even competition between the lenders for business. Many times, it happens that two individuals with similar credit scores may have different chances of getting a car loan. Always look around. The lenders often run a hard background and credit check during the loan application process.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are an organization that are nonprofit and are typically owned by the organization’s members. Due to this, they may be more willing and open to lending you the loan even though you have a bad credit score. The credit unions require members to be their account holders but it is not very difficult to become a member. The requirements for the membership is easily met.

Confirm the Terms

Financing through a dealership can be hectic. One must always make sure that these terms are legitimate and final before signing it. If you do not check it properly, you may end up paying increased monthly payments. This type of scam is known as the “yo-yo” scam, in which the dealerships manipulate buyers by telling them that their car financing is not complete and apply a higher interest rate. Always be sure the terms are final.

Always ask a friend to accompany you. When you bring someone along that you trust, you can gain confidence while negotiating. Confidence along with your research can fetch you favorable car loan terms, even with bad credit.


If it is someone you really trust, that person can also be your co-signer. Co-signers reduce the risk for the lenders. However, be completely sure that you can make the full payments before you take on a co-signer as it could ruin personal relations in case you fail to make payments, as the debt will then fall on them.