Bill Gates Biography and His Inspiring Success Story


The creator of the Software Empire is the great Bill Gates. He was born in the Seattle region in Washington in the year 1955 on 28th October. By birth onwards, he has a rich background. Bill Gates’s dad was a lawyer and his grandfather was a Vice President in a National bank. Maxwell Gates is his mother’s name while William Gates was his dad’s name. In the exclusive preparatory school in the lakeside region at Seattle, Bill gates were studied, by that time his age was 13. Gates in his school days met Paul Allen, actually 2 years Paul was senior to Gates. Paul and Gates become close friends and they have more interest in computers. They started a business together in the year 1970. A computer program called Traf-O-Data was developed together by them. This program helps to track the traffic patterns in Seattle.

On doing this program successfully they got $20,000. Days are kept going Bill Gates’s interest in computers increases much and his aim was to start his own concern and become a Millionaire. His parents wanted Gates to become a lawyer. By 1973 Bill Gates graduated from the Lakeside school and joined Harvard University. That period Paul Allen was working with Honeywell Company.  During this period they both had a golden opportunity, Paul has seen an advertisement stating they need a software program for their Altair 8800 mini computer. Paul showed this ad to Gates, then both decided to do this and they had talked with the MITS president. On successful conversation the project was allocated to them. Bill Gates and Paul together designed that software program in Harvard lab, this program matches exactly to the Altair Mini Computer.

Established Microsoft

The next day they did a demonstration of this program to MITS concern on Mexico. It got appreciated, worked perfectly, and thus they both had got success in their first target. Then Paul got an opportunity to work with MITS company and he started his work, where else that time Bill Gates quit his education from University and came along with Paul and worked together in MITS concern, days went fine and they with all innovative minds decided to start their own software concern called Microsoft in 1975.

Later IBM approached them and gave a project to them, Gates and Paul accepted it to write an interpreter for the new IBM personal computer. The name of the operating system was MS-DOS; this was delivered to IBM at an exchange rate of one time period for a fare of $50000.  This sale on MS-DOS started to play a crucial role in the software industry.

By the year 1981, Bill Gates became the president of that concern and also board chairman, while Paul became the Vice-President designation. In 1983 Paul resigned from his job due to the health issue of cancer, later Bill Gates invented Microsoft Windows software. This because of all Gates’s hard work that made this invention, after this Microsoft has become the world’s leading software Concern, thereby the revenue starts to increase a lot, and in a short period of time Gates was become the richest person in the world. Later on 1994 Bill Gates married Melinda, who was an employee in Microsoft concern, in 1994 later they started a foundation in the name BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, this was served with full dedication in order to support Health, education, poverty alleviation, and agriculture.

Achieve Your Goal

Within the past twenty-four years, Bill Gates was announced as the No.1 richest person for 18 times. Thus his enthusiasm for computers had made him the richest person in the world, thus we should also have ambition as Gates, our goals may be bigger one but when hard work is invested each day towards your goal. Certain, one day, you could also achieve your goal. Let’s take Bill Gates as a Role model and start working towards our goal. Never give up on failures; just keep trying one-day success is yours for sure.