5 SEO Strategies that need to stop in 2020?

What are the 5 SEO Strategies that need to stop in 2020?

There are 5 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies that have been around for quite some time and need to stop in 2020. Google is constantly telling us what you shouldn’t be doing, and what you can be doing! However, there are so-called SEO experts that continue to try and use an outdated black hat. SEO strategies that end up costing their clients a lot of money shouldn’t be used anymore.

Duplicating Content on International Websites

Sometimes when people buy a new domain, they put all of the content in a subfolder, and set the Geotargeting console accordingly. Duplicating content on international websites is one of the 5 SEO strategies that need to stop in 2020. So they add a few codes to target that region and language, which is the worst thing you can do. If you think Google is going to rank you just because you have modified some settings you must be dreaming. All content must be tailored to your audience or you will end up losing your rankings.

Link Schemes

Link schemes are another of the 5 SEO rankings that need to stop in 2020. If you think SEO are a few cheap irrelevant links and rank on top of the SERPs, you need to think again. There are ways in which you can acquire links legitimately. In short, backlinks should be earned and not bought!

Your Phone Website is Different to the Desktop Version

As people are constantly on their phones, and you need to provide the same user experience across both mobile and desktop versions. Your website design with should have mobile-first indexing, and Google will make sure your website adheres to all guidelines. You won’t want rank for either; they should resemble each other so that your users don’t feel confused. The user experience is very important when it comes to your website’s credibility on the search engines.

Fake Product Reviews

Did you know fake product reviews is illegal? It is a big NO for the search engine giant and one of the 5 SEO strategies that need to stop in 2020. You may have been impacted by a negative review; the best way is to find out what could have been done to prevent it. In such, a review can make small changes to ensure a positive outcome next time. Remember – no business is perfect evolving over time, your customer’s interests will also change.

Unoptimized Images

A lot of people forget this that there are 5 SEO strategies that need to stop in 2020 and it is very simple to do. All of the main images on your website need to have a suitable file name to tell Google what the image is. Unoptimized images also help people who use the image which leads to positive user experience. Do not optimize every single image and alternate text as it may lead to over-optimization issues.