Most Influential Companies on Social Media in 2020

Influential Companies on Social Media in 2020

Here are some of the most influential companies on social media in 2020 that everyone should know. We have segregated the most influential companies on social media in 2020 into five sectors. These are some of the companies that made good progress in recent times:

1. Transportation sector


Uber is so worthy of being at the top of the list of influential companies on social media in 2020. This company has offered a highly beneficial and flexible service to the people for riding the small and big distance with great convenience. 


Tesla is a highly famous car company, which produces only electric cars. This company is very popular in line due to its idea of reducing pollution. The reverse of Uber is the idea of Tesla, yet it has good acceptance in social media. This is because Tesla influences others by showing the potentials of the company, which leads to milestones.

2. Health sector

Johnson & Johnson 

The short name of Johnson & Johnson is J&J. No matter what the name people remember, they never stop showering love on J&J. This company has paired up with many influencers, which helped the company to bring out their positive side to social media. J&J has a great influence on the Health professionals and the childcare units.


Amazon has been the first choice for everyone to get their needs catered in no time. This company has influenced health industries as well as FMCG industries. There is hardly anything that is beyond the search list of Amazon. From mats to medicine, Amazon has everything. Amazon has a large number of subscribers as well as followers on social media. 

3. Mining

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is one of the oldest companies that have made it to the top of the influencers list. In the year 1873, the company, and in the year 2020, it has kept its value being an influencer. Rio Tinto has the highest count of engagement in the mining category.

Barrick Gold

Barrick Gold is a famous mining company which aims to be one of the most highly valued companies globally. The maximum number of followers for this company comes from LinkedIn.

4. Food Service and Accommodation


Starbucks is itself in the mouth of every person who has had the taste of it. The quality, authenticity, and standards have remarked the name beautifully. Apart from that, the type of brand name it has created so far, has influenced social media.


Subway has a large chain of restaurants in more than 40,000 locations. The influence has begun due to its healthy food service and freshness of items. 

5. Utilities

National Grid

National Grid Company has been providing natural gas and electricity to millions for many years. They have many followers on Facebook and Twitter, where they have influenced many people.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy is a famous electricity and gas distribution company. Millions of users are enjoying their quality services. This company has influenced many on Twitter and has numerous lifetime tweets.