Best Checking Account Promotions You Need to Know

Checking Accounts with Promotions

It is not very difficult to stick to one of your best checking account promotions in banks, more so today, with the advancement in technologies. However, if you are looking for a new one, you should always check to see the accounts promotions.

That is how promotions and bonuses can now instigate and influence your pick over one bank to another. If both of them have competitive offerings to provide, but the other has large bonuses.

Best Checking Account Promotions:

Here is the breakdown of some of the best account checking promotions that you would need to know about in the year 2020.

  1. PNC bank virtual wallet checking: Its bonus promotions depend upon the type of account you have, with options that give you a virtual wallet. To qualify for this, you must not have had a PNC account earlier, within the last 90 days. It is a complete online solution.
  2. Ally Bank: it currently offers promotions up to $3500 in bonus cash when you open an ally invest self-directed account. It’s great if you look for appeasing interest rates and some beneficial perks. It also offers competitive rates on a savings account.
  3. HBSC advance checking: HBSC advances checking offers, up to $270 bonus currently. For which you need to: open a new account, set up recurring direct deposits, and earn 3% cash backs on direct deposits.
  4. Citibank basic banking: providing bonuses in basic banking, account packaging, and priority account, with bonuses of $200, $400, $700. You avail it through their online promotional pages, which takes about 180 days to take advantage of.
  5. Wells Fargo everyday checking: open a wells Fargo everyday checking account, through their page, then receive at least $4000, in qualifying direct deposits within 90 days of opening account. Here is the bonus availment, to get a bonus of $400.
  6. BMO Harries checking: through this you can avail promotion of $200, which can be in-person providers or online. You can avail a bonus in 120 days, after completing the bank account opening procedures, and you are done. Receive at least $6000 in qualifying direct deposits. Sign in for digital banking, and paperless statements and make at least twenty purchases with your linked bank account.
  7. Bank of America checking: Bank of America advantages is in three promotions: safe balance banking, plus banking and relationship banking. You can avail a promotion of $100 from it, with the prior condition of not having a Bank of America personal checking account at least in six months.


A lot of checking account promotions come through a lot of trading issues. In terms of availability and terms and norms applied. At times they can get all overhead and daunting to understand, but here is breaking down the 7 best checking account promotions services and applications that been trusted by its users for a long time.

Experience their new tools, that meet your requirements that has you to maintain a premium balance indirect accounts for a long time with absolutely no hidden corporate terms and clarity with customer service.