10 Best Apps That Can Make You Money - Ultimate Guide

10 Best Apps that Can Make You Money

If you are someone who feels making money using just the apps on your phone is impossible, then this article is going to blow your mind. Today we will be discussing the 10 best apps that can make you money. Let’s jump into it straight away!

1. Robinhood

Robinhood is an amazing investing app wherein you will be awarded a free share of stock after signing up! This particular share of stock can range anywhere between $2.50 and $200 when it comes to its value. This app offers its users the opportunity of buying stocks with absolutely $0 trading cost. 

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great way of making some extra dough on the side. This app will give you notifications whenever you are eligible to take surveys or complete some sort of paid tasks. You can go check out their site for more information.

3. MyPoints

MyPoints gives you the ability to accumulate a lot of virtual points in different ways so that you can exchange them for prizes or cash later on. These points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or retail outlets and restaurants tied up with MyPoints. 

4. Webull

Webull which is similar to Robinhood in offering a free share of stock after you sign up on their platform. This share of stock is worth anywhere between $2 and $250 in terms of value.  Also, a bonus advantage is that you will receive a second share of stock that is valued between $12 and $1,400 after you make your first deposit into the investing app.

5. Acorns

‘Acorns’ is an app that is very similar to the other two investment apps we discussed above. It is an amazing investing and savings app that is currently offering $10 after you sign up. Acorns can help you manage your finances in multiple ways. It can track your daily finances, help you save for the future, and plan for an investment strategy for the long run.

6. Worthy Bonds

Worthy Bonds can help you earn a fixed rate of return of 5% wherein the cost of the bond is only $10.  You can buy as many bonds as you’d like, after which you can accrue interest weekly.

7. eBates

eBates is one of the best cashback apps which lets you hunt for rewards, coupons, and promo codes online. Thus, if you are someone who is a frequent mobile shopper then eBates can help you save a lot of money.

8. Uber

With Uber, you can sign up to become a driver-partner and easily mint some serious money by driving people as a side-gig. You might be able to pick up a ride when you are on your way to work or school.

9. Surveys On the Go

This is a great survey app wherein you get paid to take surveys you are eligible for. There are a lot of surveys related to various common products and services that you might be using right now. Also, a big bonus point – there is absolutely no restriction on the number of surveys you want to take part in.

10. Google Opinion Rewards

This is also a survey app that pays you to take part in surveys but it only lets you get surveys about once a week. With this app, you get rewards that you can only use in the Google App store exclusively.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on 10 best apps that can make you money. Now, let us know if you have used any of the apps or if you are planning to do so now.