Understand About Mobile Digital Marketing

Understanding Mobile Digital Marketing

In the future, mobile devices will become the most used marketing tool for businesses. This is already a key communication tool with most consumers in the US. A research study shows that 80% of internet users own mobile phones, which is why mobile digital marketing is key for both online businesses and entrepreneurs. Here is all you need to know about mobile digital marketing:

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy to reach the mobile device users. It aims at reaching the target audience on their smartphones, or tablets via email, SMS, social media, and other apps. Moreover, it helps potential customers get all the necessary information on their smartphone and exactly what they need.
In short, mobile devices are another way for people to remain engaged with their favorite brands. Moreover, customers can do everything on their Smartphone from opening an email, visiting a website, and reading the content. 60% of digital media marketing is hosted by mobile device users in the United States. To effectively use mobile marketing, you need to understand your mobile audience and make use of SMS, MMS, and social media apps to market your business.

Why Mobile Marketing is Important:

1. Reach:

The common concern of most marketers is how to increase the reach of their business to the target audience. Approximately 79% of mobile users check their smartphones just after waking up in the morning and throughout the day. Apart from this, an average U.S mobile phone user spends 90 min a day with their phone. That’s why the mobile phone is becoming the easiest way to reach the target audience.

2. To Build a Connection With Consumers:

Through mobile devices and smartphones, you are able to connect with your audience. Most of the time, when you connect with your potential customer via this method, you also establish a connection with other family members of the user. In turn, this helps you to build a connection with your customers.

3. Good Response Rate:

If you have to send instant text message updates to rate your brand, regarding any purchase or delivery, to your customers, what medium would you choose? A research study shows that 90% of customers read text messages in less than three minutes. Moreover, on the other hand, another research study shows that SMS has a 98% open rate. That means text messages are not only delivered instantly but also read instantly by the customers, which helps to produce an excellent result for brands. Further, the text messages response rate is 45%, while email marketing has just 6%.

4. Mobile E-commerce:

Most U.S customers do online shopping or use other e-commerce websites through mobile phones. As a result, 78% of purchases is from mobile phones. Smartphones are essentially dominating e-commerce.

5. Cost-effective:

Running an SMS campaign to reach the target audience is cheaper than other marketing techniques. Mostly, you can save a lot of money by using mobile marketing.