Best Tips On How to Have a Weekend of Non-Spending

How to Have a Weekend of Non-Spending :

Sometimes you just need to have a weekend of Non-stop spending money for a few days. Maybe you are already over budget, and the month isn’t over. Perhaps you have savings goals and need to kick in a little extra before the deadline comes and goes. Or maybe you just hate to spend your dollars on trivial things. If any of these things describe you, have a weekend of Non-spending towards one of those goals.

A non-spending weekend is pretty much like where no money leaves your wallet and no spending is done. You are allowed to use things you have already paid for like groceries, cable, and gas for your car. If you have a pre-funded fare card, you can use that too.


If you plan a no-spend weekend, it is likely that you will end up spending money in advance. You can’t buy groceries next weekend, so I’ll do it on Thursday”. Also, the best thing is to challenge yourself to make do with the food and entertainment you already have.

Family Participation

If your spouse does, it kind of defeats the purpose of a weekend of non-spending. Moreover, if you split costs you’ll just end up making up for your lack of spending at a later date. If you live with someone, formally or informally, you’ve got to both do this together to reap the benefits.

Keep to Normal Spending as the Weekend gets Over

One of the reasons for doing this for just a weekend is that you shouldn’t really feel deprived after only 2-3 days without spending. Therefore, once your weekend is over, you shouldn’t spend feverishly to make up for the lost time. If you usually do a big grocery shopping on Monday, do it.

Shift the Timing

When you have a no-spend weekend, define it as the time from work on Friday to the time you leave for work on Monday. Don’t spend at least 80 percent of the money on the weekend, it has the most impact to the bottom line. If you know you don’t usually spend money on the weekend anyway, try going spend-free on those days instead. But identify other days of the month that are hard on your wallet.


Spend some time getting things in order around your house and organize your basement, attic, and garage as well. Dust, mop, and vacuum that you have let go just a little too long.

Playing Games

The other things you need to do to have a weekend of non-spending are play board games. It is a fun time with friends and no spending required. You can also watch TV, play your favorite DVD or spend the weekend partying at your friend’s house and if you are living in Washington, most museums have free entry. Look for something similar in the area where you live.

If you plan to spend time in the park on weekends take your snacks and drinks to avoid the temptation of spending money. Try new recipes than ordering a pizza or pancake on a no-spend weekend.