How to Optimize Your Facebook Pages Better

Facebook is still the most loved platform by marketers. Features provided by Facebook can help them boost their brand’s growth. A similar feature that Facebook offers is Facebook page. Facebook pages can help a business or a brand to promote, share, and add value to the brand. It can also assist with customer support. Currently, Facebook stands on top of the most loved social media platforms used by Americans. A Facebook report reveals that almost two-thirds of Americans are Facebook users, while 74% of them are daily active users. If you are a marketer and are not utilizing Facebook correctly, then you are losing a lot of brand growth. However, we will tell you some tips on how to optimize your Facebook page.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

1. Your Name Says it All

It helps if you are picky, specific, and careful when choosing your Facebook Pages name. Choosing the name of your Facebook page is a one time opportunity. When your page starts growing, there’s no way back to change the name. You can also use ideas that are trending, or forever green keywords while choosing the name. Your name will be searched in every search for the trending keyword. But don’t be too general, and choose very unique keywords. Also, don’t overstuff the name of your Facebook Page by adding irrelevant keywords that don’t make any sense.

2. Use the Power of Backlinks

Backlinks are another very necessary element for the SEO optimization of your Facebook Page. Backlinks help your target audience find your page via another person’s website, page, or any other social media channel. Backlinks also add value to your Facebook page by indicating that your page has authentic and fruitful content. Google’s page ranking algorithm also favors those pages which are promoted and endorsed by reputed websites. Don’t ask those websites to add backlinks that are not reputed or have very low rankings because it will also affect your SEO score.

3. Claim Your Vanity URL

After you create the Facebook Page for your business, you will be assigned with an automated URL of your page. You can claim or create your vanity URL. You can also customize it as you want and match it with your company’s name. By claiming your vanity URL, you can expect a huge boost in page visits.

4. Polish Your “About” Tab

The first thing anyone looks for when they visit a Facebook page is the ‘About’ section. The About Tab reveals everything about the page. If you can afford it, you can also hire someone to write the About section of your company. Many companies offer this service.