What is Google Trust Rank and How Does it Work

What is Google Trust Rank?

Before we can proceed, we need to know the meaning and purpose of Google Trust Rank. To combat web spam, Google Trust Rank helps Google and other search engines to keep their security update. It is a basic security guide which helps the search engine from phishing. There are Trust Rank measures and they are known as the trust signals. These trust signals are efficient during searches. It helps in determining whether the core ranking signals that are received from multiple accounts and sites are legit or not.

How Does the Trust Rank Works

The working of trust ranks is generally easy and simple to deduce. It is more like a filter. Filtering also helps in detecting all the spam contents and sites onto the internet. This is how Trust Rank can work for a search engine. So, it filters out the content and the sites which can cause a potential threat or spam to a noble website. More like a bodyguard, it helps search engines from fraudulent activities.

How to Measure Google Trust Rank

Here is a detailed step by step version of how to measure Google Trust Rank.

1. Going with the On-Page Trust Optimization

There is a feature called on-page trust optimization. It also helps with optimizing Google Trust Rank on-page. Make sure that your site has all the privacy notes and terms which regulate the rules and regulations of your site. Create a list of references and sources that can help with on-page Trust Rank optimization. This even shows Google that the content present on your site is well researched. It helps to give off credibility on your site.

2. Acting Like a Tough Brand

For Google Trust Rank to work, acting like a tough and big brand is a must. This is necessary so you can build brand signals which can optimize the name of your brand. Always remember that the ranking of Google is based on algorithms. You can trick Google into thinking that your site has a clear set of ranking with a big brand personality. Create a branded domain and a site name. Along with that, optimize your “about us” page which will define and bring out your brand.

3. Having a Trustworthy Domain

Last but not the least, Google Trust Rank is solely dependent on how trustworthy your domain is. Register your domain name with Google and keep the registration guarantee for 2 years. Also, make sure that you have a domain name that is legalized and not taken from others. Try publishing it as soon as you can with the use of big publishers and brand names which can help you to advertise quickly.


This is an algorithm based structure that helps your site be shown as a trusted website on the internet. With all the regulations, you can have your site ranked quickly.