Top 10 Characteristics of a Great Financial Leader

The current functioning of finance is not the same as what it used to be 8-10 years ago. Nowadays, finance officials are considered the main pillar behind strategy building in an organization. A finance leader has to brush up their skills to a new type of finance professional in order to get the most out of it. A financial leader must have several characteristics such as the following 10:

10 Characteristics of a Great Financial Leader

1. Communication

Every role in an organization requires communication skills. However, for a finance leader, good communication skill is a must. Moreover, financial leaders are not just required to communicate effectively. They also have to pass several financial stats to their team. This helps to mold the vision of the company. 

2. Result Driven

A financial leader should be perfect at setting targets and meeting them. Moreover, the best financial leader is one who understands the importance of targets. The boards of directors expect the targets to be met, so they must have great knowledge to lead their team towards assigned targets.

3. Vision

Today’s financial leaders should have one eye on the future and the other on the present. The finance function is embedded towards future goals, so the forecasts must be accurate.

4. Business acumen 

The financial leader remains alert across the organization. They are always comfortable with the sales, marketing, as well as any other department in the organization. Finance leaders always have to adjust themselves according to the company’s requirements.

5. Numerate

A finance leader has to be comfortable with the numbers and figures. 

6. Honest

Honesty should be well practiced at every position in an organization. However, for a finance leader, honesty is an upmost quality. The financial leader is required to be honest and able to lead their team ethically.

7. Confidence

The best leaders are always confident, whether they are from marketing, sales, finance, or any other department. Finance leaders should never ask their employees to take an unwanted risk. 

8. Good business sense

A good financial leader is well equipped with good business sense, making sure to allocate proper funds in each department of an organization. This helps to fulfill the day-to-day needs of an organization.  

9. Leadership skills

A finance leader must have good leadership skills. They must hold the responsibility of their team and work towards the goal.

10. Dynamic 

The most important characteristic of a financial leader is that they must be dynamic. The business environment is dynamic i.e., and it is continually changing. Similarly, a financial leader should also be dynamic and should be able to adapt to changes in no time.


These 10 characteristics of a financial leader describe the qualities that must be inherited by a good leader. A good financial leader makes the organization a step ahead in the market.