The Untold Story Behind The Success of Alibaba

Alibaba was founded on April 4th, 1999. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce giant that deals in various areas like retails, technology, AI, Internet, etc. It is ranked as the 5th largest internet company. The team that has contributed to the success story of Alibaba is:

  • Jack Ma
  • Tony Yiu
  • Jane Jiang
  • Ma Changwei
  • Han Min
  • Toto Sun

Where it all Started

The company started its operations in an apartment in Hangzhou. The company started its website under the name It is the world’s largest marketplace in today’s time.

The Success Story of Alibaba: Detailed Road-Map

  • 2000: Alibaba group got its investment from the soft bank’s investor group. The total investment was about $20.00. Moreover, it started in September 2000. Alibaba organized the meetings with leaders of internet businesses.
  • 2002: The company started getting high cash flows. They were able to have more than 1 billion users in 2001.
  • 2003: In 2003, the company was suffering from the SARS epidemic. During these tough conditions, Jack Ma motivated his employees, and this helped the company to survive and grow during the pandemic.
  • 2004: This year brought tremendous growth for the company. The company raised a large amount from investors.
  • 2005: Alibaba came up with a partnership with Yahoo in August. In the same year, Alibaba took control of China Yahoo operations.
  • 2006: This year was another milestone for the company. The company was listed under the Hong Kong stock exchange mainboard.
  • 2008: Alibaba launched Tmall. Tmall was designed to offer services to third party retailers.
  • 2010: During this year, several changes took place. At the end of this year, AliExpress was started that helped various Chinese exporters to deal with the global market directly. To spread awareness about the services, AliExpress also offered 0.3% of its profits in order to make the nation aware about the services of AliExpress.
  • 2011: In June 2011, Tmall came up as an independent platform and also started contributing to the social cause.
  • 2013: In July 2013, Alibaba came up with the Alibaba smart TV operations. The office of the group also got shifted to the Xixi District of Hangzhou.
  • 2014: After the year 2013, the group started taking huge leaps and tested some of the major developments. Tmall global also extended its services from the national level to worldwide.
  • 2016: The year 2016 started with the Ali Chinese new year festival by Alibaba group. During the same year, Alibaba became the world’s largest e-commerce platform.


The success story of Alibaba is dedicated to 16 years of hard work. It all became possible because of the founder who motivated and trusted the employees even in hard times. Moreover, Alibaba came up with the idea of selling and buying goods online because he knew that people find it difficult to sell products globally. Keeping these problems in mind, Jack ma came up with the solutions.