Best Marketing Strategies for Converting Millennials

Millennials are the audience that comprises those individuals who were born between 1981 and 1997. Millennials have a history of growing up consuming a lot of marketing content on television. Due to this reason, most of the millennials are often skeptical about various marketing campaigns. Connecting with millennials is an important prospect for achieving growth and generating more sales. A millennial marketing strategy is important because millennials have become the largest generation of buyers in the United States. Millennials also have abundant buying power. Here are some strategies for converting the millennials’ audience into the customers of your brand.

Best Marketing Strategies for Converting Millennials

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is always recommended especially when your audience is comprised of millennials. Whether it is package design, web site design, or ad content design, keep it brief and precise. Too much content and a cluttered layout will annoy the audience and might increase the bounce rate. A clean user interface for web site and mobile applications are inevitable in this digital era. Brands like Google and Apple always implement a minimal design to enhance the user experience.

Provide Timely Response to Customers 

A brand could potentially radiate a positive brand image by providing good customer experience for its customers over social media platforms. It is very common in this digital era for millennial customers to voice their concerns, issues, and queries about a product or service over social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If the brand fails to provide a timely reply to a reasonable query that is raised in a Twitter handle, or on the Facebook page owned by the business, the brand just lost a customer. When a brand, on the other hand, responds to a personal query, it builds trust and a sense of reliability among the customers. Timely responses to queries and issues can potentially increase the rating of your product or service over the internet.

Use Visual Cues Abundantly

Since millennials grew up during the peak of the television era, they prefer to watch rather than to read. Millennials have a shorter attention span, primarily due to their busy lifestyle. Most millennials find it easier to comprehend information presented before them in a visual format. Play around with visual elements such as:

  • Short videos – for example, Instagram stories
  • GIFs 
  • Infographics and statistics
  • Typography and illustrations
  • High quality photographs

It is always recommended to avoid the use of stock photographs as they may not reflect the genuine nature of your brand. 

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content is a great method to gain the trust of millennials. Create platforms such as forums to enable the customers to converse with each other and with the brand. Enabling User Generated Content (UGC) increases the transparency of the brand. User reviews and ratings essentially provide information about the advantages and flaws of a product or service. Adding a Frequently Asked Questions tab to the website is handy for the audience looking for solutions.

Marketing to millennials may come across as difficult. But with consistent effort and investment, these strategies for converting millennials will pay off.