All You Need To Know About The Pinterest Analytics

Know about Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics provide you with all the information that is essential for the growth of your business. It gives you the information regarding your pins and followers. Pinterest analytics also includes information about the activities of your account. It assists in knowing what your audience needs. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the audience are crucial. Knowing what your audience requires will help you to create better content. This better content, in turn, will bring more followers and likes. In this article, we will be discussing Pinterest analytics.

Pinterest is a better social media platform than any of its competitors, and the number of users is increasing every day. Previously, the majority of users were women, but now more men are joining the platform. Pinterest is an excellent platform for marketing purposes. According to a survey, the majority of users on Pinterest are doing marketing for their products.

93% of users use the platform to sell their services and products. To get better results from Pinterest, it is a must to create better content. Moreover, the majority of the audience on Pinterest is very genuine. No scams and frauds are reported on Pinterest.

How to explore Pinterest analytics:

The Pinterest analytic tool is situated on the left corner of the application. The analytics tool is currently only being provided for corporate profiles.

Things to know about Pinterest analytics:

Pinterest updates its analytics tool regularly. You will find new things every time you click on the option. You will find three different categories in the Pinterest analytics. 

Profile Overview

There are several options offered under the profile overview section. 

  • Opinions
  • Re-pins
  • Likes
  • Performance of the content

You can see your performance reports in the profile overview section. You can download these reports using the export button, which is available on the bottom right side. The analytic tool provides its user to view the reports from different devices. For this, you have to click all the menu options. Moreover, it gives you precise information about how many people visited your profile. Most of the vital information is given under the opinions tab. It also provides information about pinned content, liked content, shared content, and follower activity on your profile.

Information about the audience you reach

This option provides essential information about the activity on your profile, and this feature enables the user to know about the number of people who view your profile. It gives information about the engagement of users on your profile. 

Audience insight

This option helps the user to compare their audience with an overall audience using Pinterest. It provides information about gender, age, locality, and devices of your audience. The audience insight also tells you about the interest of your audience, and it helps to create more relevant content. 

Reports of the promotions

Pinterest provides information about your business promotions. You have to use the Ad manager to get insight into your promotions. You will get separate information for different promotions. Moreover, it will improve your productivity by letting you know about the most featured promotions.


Having a history of your Pinterest account is very important, as it will help you grow at a better rate. This brings us to the end of our discussion about Pinterest analytics. Pinterest analytics gives you brief information about the audience and their engagement.