Know About New features For Snapchat Location Ads

New features for Snapchat location ads

Over 187 million active Snap users open the app an average of 25 times a day to post photos and videos to colleagues, read up on the news, and understand what’s going on in the life around them. Just like the camera, a location is fundamental to how Snap chatters manage Snapchat apps. From Geo filters to Context Cards to the Snap Map and much more, the location presents a massive role in how our society experiences Snapchat. In this article, we will discuss the new features for Snapchat location ads.

Location ads present companies and brands with a unique possibility to join an incredibly exciting audience based on where they are and what they are doing in the true world. Snapchat has launched two new location-based targeting features that enable advertisers to reach their audience. (Snap chatters who are in the proper context to take action) The two features are Location Categories and Radius targeting. Let us discuss each feature of Snapchat in detail below.

Location Categories

Location categories are an easy and robust way for companies to reach consumers who are in the right context to think or act. Rather than managing Snap Ads and Filters over particular locations or geofences, advertisers can now reach Snapchatters based on the place as per their location. For instance, a swimsuit brand can reach Snapchatters at beaches nationwide, or a film studio can contact them at the theater. 

Advertisers can also be more precise by narrowing down their location categories by state, city, DMA, and more. Location categories aren’t merely a way for merchants to quickly recognize high-intent Snapchatters. It guarantees that our community presents the most suitable ads for them at the instant that people are the most impactful. Advertisers can begin influencing audiences by location categories now in Ads Manager.

Radius Targeting

Snapchat also introduced radius targeting. This enables advertisers throughout the world to add or omit a radius around a city center, address, pin, or point of attention. This unique feature is excellent for big and small companies, such as stone and mortar retailers, to travel apps like Hopper. Moreover, Hopper cut its cost per install in half by applying radius targeting to nearby airports to reach those assuring to fly from that hub with a special flight deal. 

This mixture of smart radius targeting and geographically-relevant creativity gives the Snapchatters a feeling of necessity to work. Location shifts are more accessible to advertising solutions. Snapchat is continually managing to build the most user-friendly tools for seamless marketing and planning. The new location search bar in Ads Manager is a prominent example, as it makes it easy to locate and choose a location, category, neighborhood, or point of importance with a single click.

While location is a significant role in shaping Snapchat for both Snapchatters and merchants, what’s even more valuable is our dedication to showing Snapchatters content. They consider protecting privacy at the same time. Snapchat doesn’t share any location data that can recognize specific Snapchat Users to advertisers. All Snapchatters can decide whether to enable the use of location services.


These are some of the new features for Snapchat location ads, which was recently introduced by the Snapchat.