7 Best Facebook Ad Hacks to Fight your Competition

One can spend thousands of dollars on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to market your business online. When it comes to promote or advertise a small scale business or create awareness for any campaign, showcasing them on any social media platform will be considered the best. Taking the help of any social media to advertise is an effective strategy. Knowing the ad hacks, can do wonders. Using Facebook to promote your campaign can increase your communication rate, number of visitors, and growth rate tremendously. Facebook advertisements can help you to achieve desired results. To advertise, you must have in mind the ad copy and content, the audience, the ad images or videos, etc. It is also essential to focus on click-through rate as it creates brand awareness. Learning some Facebook ad hacks can also help you to fight your competition.

7 Best Facebook Ad Hacks

To make your ads more appealing on Facebook, let’s check out the following Facebook ad hacks.

1. Use Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the elaborated words for a particular search. These keywords are more specific and usually a bit longer to vividly help the users. These long-tail keywords get lesser search traffic. Often, they have an increased rate of conversation value as the keywords are more specific. This hack will help you to attract more traffic (motivated audience).

2. Use Creative Content

To design creative content, one must put themselves in the shoes of the viewers. It will also help you to think of ideas that will differentiate your ad from others. To make your content unique, use only high-definition pictures, choose soothing color schemes, and typography is the key to attract an audience. You must be able to talk loud using fewer words, as we know content is the key.

3. Utilize Targeted

Facebook provides you with an option where you can choose a targeted set of audience. Moreover, based on your previous successful campaign, Facebook allows you to show your ad to them. It will help to accomplish a responsive advertising campaign. Through this, your website viewers can also be retargeted.

4. Choose the Right Objective

Many people fail to select the right objective or goal and wonder why the performance is diminishing. It would be best if you chose the right purpose, which suits the ad as well as the business. This will create awareness of your brand and acquire new customers. Communicating the right objective will increase the audience’s consideration and conversation.

5. Optimize Your Landing Page

If you wish to revert traffic from your Facebook ad to your website, then make sure your landing page is accordingly optimized for different devices and conversions. If your landing page isn’t adequately viewed, it might not interest the audience, and simultaneously the sales will decline.

6. Use Video Ads

People nowadays aren’t interested in reading, but they can watch a few seconds of video. To attract a massive audience, you must create a short video that can be added to the Facebook in-stream videos as un-skippable. Don’t use a lot of text. Instead, you can apply animations and other pictorial graphics.

7. Use Messenger Ads

Placing your advertisement on messenger is compelling and generates a good impression. Millions of people are using messenger, and billions of messages are exchanged. This will make your ad noticeable definitely in front of a vast audience. This method of advertising is even cheaper.