Know about Cross-Promotion on Social Media

What you should know about cross-promotion on social media:

Cross-promotion should be part of any social media strategy – from setting up your first account to setting up multiple accounts. The very concept of cross-promoting your social media identity has the power to grow your social media a lot faster.  It is also a large part of what allows some people to be more successful without spending a dime on advertising. It costs less than what companies spend on advertising budgets to acquire Facebook fans.

How can cross promotion help?

If your first account is your Facebook Fanpage, an your company’s Twitter account and your main account is Pinterest, then let’s cross-promote this and get going. The secret here is that you have access to more social media presence, such as your own social media accounts. Share your new presence via your Facebook account, or your LinkedIn profile. Tell your friends to start following you as these simple steps can boost your presence.

How do you do it?

Create an action plan:

  • Share your fan page
  • Share your content
  • Produce content together
  • Write a guest post on your blog

It is called (social) media for a reason, and to start well, you need to be extremely social – get social.

Making your good start even better

… Seriously – Fill out your profile!

This is the basic advice for social media as often, people do not fill out their profiles completely. This falls in the category of cross-promotion; it gives you the chance of linking between your personal and professional profiles. Create links to your Fanpage, and be more than just a Fanpage by placing a simple link; place links everywhere. Every social media profile gives a good overview of what you are and what your business personality is like.

The more social profiles you have, the more you can cross promote

If you opened a Twitter account, then announce it on your page. Also, add a Pinterest App to your Fanpage. Try to run 25 different Twitter accounts at ExploreB2B, and send automatic messages to new followers. Politely ask them to become a Facebook fan, and by this, you can gain followers daily. If you take the risk, the results will work out.

The secret recipe is content

The results of promotion depend on the content you provide. The value the content adds is immense. A lot of people miss out on cross-promotion using the social media apps, however, this concept is spreading, so keep up!

Figure out which content channel is the perfect fit for you and don’t blindly start on every channel. Choose the best channel for more success, and choose your blog distribution channel.